2009-06-09 - Dwight HowardDoes anyone know why some NBA players wear a sleeve on one arm during gameplay?

Well, here’s why: some feel it helps keep their shooting arm warm during play; others use it to relieve muscle tension and/or stopping the sweat from dripping down to their hands; some are required to cover up inappropriate tattoos; and others simply wear it as a fashion statement.

The Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard wears an Adidas Techfit with Powerweb elbow sleeve, which he endorses. And the company is getting some nice national exposure with its TV during the NBA Finals on Howard’s arm.

We’re not sure what “techfit” means or what a “powerweb” is, but Howard recently told the Associated Press why he wears a sleeve.

“Man I just wear the sleeve because I like how it looks,” he said. “I started wearing it in practice it felt good one day and I thought ‘Man, I should wear this in the game. It might make my shot look better.’ ”

He’s been wearing it ever since. Adidas is jumping at the chance to promote the sleeve, worn by Howard as well, as it’s predominately featured on the homepage of its website.

According to WBZ’s Dan Roche, the one arm sleeve has become a trend among players, influencing both young ball players and kids to go out and spend cash on them. The trend has turned the unnecessary sleeves into money-makers for apparel companies.

For more info about Adidas’ Techfit line, visit Adidas.com.