Bootleg Drake Album Takes Off On iTunes, Amazon

DrakeEver since letting the cat out the bag about Lil Wayne’s rock album earlier this year, Canadian rapper Drake has become a very hot commodity in the hip-hop world.

He’s so hot right now, it’s rumored that a bidding war has started to sign him. However, while he remains a free agent, some are taking advantage of the buzz surrounding his music and trying to profit off it.

According to, a Canada-based label has released an unauthorized album, titled The Girls Love Drake, on iTunes and it’s selling.

If the album was official, it would have debuted this week at no. 101 on the Billboard 200, no. 16 on the Digital Albums chart and no. 1 on the Heatseekers tally.

The bootleg album was compiled from tracks off Drake’s popular mixtape So Far Gone, as well as other leaked digital material — including his buzzing single “Best I Ever Had” and “Every Girl.”

Drake’s camp has been trying to clear samples on So Far Gone and his other mixtapes in hopes of selling them in stores, but tells Billboard that The Girls Love Drake was not authorized by them.

“This is a straight bootleg, a scandal. We are behind promoting records at radio, but haven’t sold it,” Al Branch, Drake’s manager, said. “iTunes’ position is that they are a store and they stock everything. They have a waiver and as long as people sign it and are responsible for the product they submit, then they go for it.”

The album was released by a label called Canadian Money Entertainment, and had been placed on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.

It has been pulled from iTunes, but remained on Amazon and Rhapsody as of press time.

Drake’s team says they plan to file a lawsuit against the company. They are concerned that Drake may be sued over the tracks because many of the samples and beats were not cleared.

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