SoulsticeAfter the release of critically acclaimed albums like 2005’s North By Northwest and Dead Letter Perfect in 2007, regular, rapper SoulStice, returns with Beyond Borders, an album he dubs an “international concept album.”

“The project is a collaboration between myself and Belgian beatmaker, SBe, who provides all of the instrumental music for the album,” explains Soulstice. “As far as the vocals, the songs are collaborations between myself and many of my favorite artists from around the world. We’ve got artists from the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Africa, and Canada.

“The first time I ever traveled abroad was a trip I took Russia in 2000. The fact that the globalization of hip-hop had reached all the way there really made an impression on me,” the rapper continued. “Since then I’ve grown as an artist and have toured around the world, seeing firsthand how hip-hop, as a US cultural export, has grown and become something new and different in these various places. Yet, the underlying theme is the same everywhere: hip-hop continues to be the mouthpiece for people who exist outside of the mainstream to make their voices heard throughout society and around the world.”

As the rapper explains, Beyond Borders is a culmination of his treks across the globe and experiences from those travels. From photo sessions to international calls and text messages to long overseas flights, its all there.

The upcoming album is slated for release on June 23, and will feature appearances from G.L.C., Oddisee, Kev Brown, Supastition, Wordsmith and Zap Mama and is entirely produced by SBe.

The final tracklist is as follows:

  1. “Speed of Sound” – SoulStice
  2. “Chi Worldwide” – SoulStice, G.L.C. (Chicago)
  3. “Strange Kinda Love” – SoulStice, Monique Harcum (Philly / Belgium)
  4. “Unfold” – SoulStice, Oddisee (Maryland), and Stef (Belgium)
  5. “To The Limit” – SoulStice and Brainpower (The Netherlands)
  6. “Beyond Borders” – SoulStice, Supastition (North Carolina) and Angelina (UK / Russia)
  7. “Bird’s Eye View” – SoulStice and Kev Brown (Maryland)
  8. “Chicago to Germany” – Nico Suave (Germany)
  9. “No Place Like It” – SoulStice, Eternia (Canada) and Richie Filth (Ireland), and Stef (Belgium)
  10. “2 Days in Paris” – SoulStice and Kohndo (France)
  11. “I Found It” – SoulStice, Haysoos (Maryland) and Krewcial (Belgium)
  12. “Better Way” – SoulStice and Wordsmith (Maryland)
  13. “World Star” – SoulStice, Zap Mama (Belgium / The Congo)
  14. “Closer” – SoulStice and Isabel Novela (Mozambique)