2009-06-03 - Eminem and SachaAfter all the controversy surrounding the incident at MTV’s Movie Awards this weekend, where Sacha Baron Cohen landed in Eminem’s lap, the rapper has finally responded.

At Sunday’s (May 31) 2009 MTV Movie Awards, held at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, Calif., Sacha’s flamboyant character Brüno flew in on a wire, hanging above the audience, dressed in a pair of feathery white wings with his rear end with nothing by a thong on. He landed head first into Eminem’s lap, with his ass in the air, directly in the rapper’s face.

Eminem didn’t seem pleased about the prank, shouting out “Are you f***ing serious? Get this motherf***er off of me.” Then, members of his entourage roughly removed Baron Cohen from atop Em, and then the rapper stormed off, through the audience, and disappeared backstage.

The incident has been the talk of the town since it took place. Many speculated whether or not it was staged, or real. In a poll we had been compiling since Sunday night, 40% of the votes believed it was staged, and they were right.

In an interview with RapRadar.com Wednesday (June 3), Eminem spilled the beans.

“Sacha called me when we were in Europe and he had an idea to do something outrageous at the Movie Awards. I’m a big fan of his work, so I agreed to get involved with the gag,” the rapper explained.

“I’m thrilled that we pulled this off better than we rehearsed it. It had so many people going ‘nuts’ so to speak. Everyone was blowing me up about it.”

The prank worked. Everyone, including celebrities were stunned by what took place. Several celebs twittered about the incident, including Travis Barker, Soulja Boy, Ryan Seacrest, and even Borat.

Ryan Seacrest: “re bruno and em.. I have to think somehow Em’s people knew Sasha would be lowered, but might have been pissed about the full moon in his face.” He later added, “First MTV person said real … another said unsure … I figure it was planned but Em didn’t know Sasha’s bare moon was going to be in his face.”

Travis Barker: “If i was EMENIM I would’ve swung on him … not kool. I love jokes but some dude’s a** in your face is a no no 4 me.”

Perez Hilton: “this has to be said … Sasha Baron Cohen has a very nice a**!”

Soulja Boy Tell’em: “Whooaaa!!!!! This naked dude just landed on Eminem in the audience … Yooo Em is MAD!!!! That was messed up!!! I seen that naked dude on red carpet I was like WTF who is that eww.”

Borat: “I found out last night that Eminem got his name from the size of his package.”

So, there you have it. After all the chatter and rumors, it was all a hoax. One thing I can say is that Eminem is a good actor, because he looked pissed to me.