DJ Skee Launches New XM/Sirius Show, Gets Back On His Mixtape Grind

DJ SkeeDJ Skee has been tapped by satellite radio giant XM/Sirius to host a new radio show on the wildly popular Hip Hop Nation channel.

The popular Los Angeles based DJ has already become globally recognized with his current XM/Sirius show, Live From LA, which airs on Saturday nights. Now, Live from LA will move to Tuesday nights (starting June 2nd) to make room for Skeetox, the new show making its debut on Saturday (June 6).

Both shows are 2 hours long and air at 7pm PST/10pm EST every week.

“I am excited to be expanding my visibility with XM/Sirius,” says DJ Skee. “Skeetox will be the perfect companion to listeners on Saturday nights — whether you are partying at home or getting ready to go out, Skeetox will be bring the energy needed with new music for all listeners.”

DJ Skee will also expand the Skeetox brand with a new mixtape series. Kicking off the Skeetox series will be a brand new mixtape from R. Kelly called The Demo Tape. The tape is available Tuesday (June 2), in conjunction with DJ Drama, and features all new music from the R&B king with guest appearances by Akon, Plies and Drake. One of the standout songs is the Skeemix of “Birthday Sex.”

(Download The Demo Tape right here)

Skee is planning a series of events around the country in support of Skeetox. Stay tuned to dates in your city at

  1. Sweet…Hip Hop nation hosts the best DJ mix shows on the planet..

    I record Hip Hop Nation EVERY night with my XMP3 and listen at work the next day..

  2. i love my Sirius, I’m glad to see that it’s becoming more relevant, slowly but surely

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