Dr. Dre Resurfaces In Dr. Pepper Campaign, Detox Finally Coming?

2009-05-29-dreIs Dr. Dre’s long-awaited Detox album on its way? Yea, we know, this question is been asked so many time, no one really cares what the answer is. However, it seems as though it might be true.

Of course, Eminem recently made a comeback with Relapse, and now Dre might be next. He’s starting to surface in different places now.

Dr. Dre will be featured in a new ad campaign for Dr. Pepper called “Trust Me, I’m A Doctor”, which is slated to begin airing Monday (June 1).

In the short commercial spot, not only does Dre predominately feature his Beats By Dre headphones, but he also teases music fans with little sample of the mythical Detox project. A beat is played for a few seconds at the commercial’s end.

“Scientific tests prove when you drink Dr. Pepper slow, the 23 flavors taste even better. For me, slow always produces a hit,” Dr. Dre says in the commercial, before placing a can of Dr. Pepper over the DJ’s record, which slows down the record. “Slower is better — trust me, I’m a doctor.”

The primetime spot seems to be the start of promotion for Dre’s upcoming album. Let’s hope it is.

Detox is currently slated for a late 2009 release, via Aftermath / Interscope.

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