Nicki Minaj Wants Fans To Focus On Her Music, Not Her Sexy Image

Nicki MinajShe’s released raunchy mixtape tracks such as “Biggest Freak” and “Dreams (Of F***in’ A Rap Rap Dude)”. However, Lil Wayne protégé, Nicki Minaj, doesn’t want to be known for her sexy image. She wants you to check for her because of her music.

In fact, Nicki is looking to scale back her overly raunchy and sexed up image to bring the focus to her musical ability, rather than her looks or sexual tales.

The Queens rapper recently told VladTV that she’s done with the “sex rap,” and is ready to move on to something else.

“Part of my whole campaign — now — is based on the music, and not anything to do with sex, even though sex is a good thing,” Nicki says.

“I just like to have fun. If I wanna say ‘Step your p**** up’ and ‘Step your d*** up,’ I’mma say it. But, I’m not promoting f***ing everybody. I did those records, those records are great, but now, come with me. I’m taking you somewhere else … with my music.”

The rapper says that fans have misinterpreted the meaning of her overtly sexual lyrically content. Although Nicki is a supporter of sexual liberation, she’s not the promiscuous woman some may think.

“Bad bitches don’t have promiscuous sex, number one,” she explains. “I’ve always been a supporter of sexual stuff that everybody talks about, but probably don’t put on a record. I’ve never been loose, easy … any of that stuff.

“In order to step your p**** up — you know how I always say ‘Step your p**** up?’ — it means keeping it exclusive. If every n**** can say he had it, then you’re not exclusive. You’re not a bad bitch. You’re not on my team anymore,” Nicki adds.

She’s also not trying to be Lil Kim, despite spoofing Lil Kim’s classic poster in promotion of her debut album, Hardcore. Nicki says she’s doing her.

“I don’t compare myself to Lil Kim. I’m not doing anything in comparison with any girls. I’m doing Nicki Minaj,” she said.

Nicki recently released a brand new mixtape titled Beam Me Up Scotty, evolving from previous efforts such as Play Time’s Over and SuckaFree.

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