Is Vibe Magazine Going Belly Up?

2009-05-07 - Vibe magazineIs Vibe magazine the next urban print publication to go belly up? Rumor has it, the mag is almost on its way out.

According to, ad sales and subscriptions hit an all-time low during the first quarter of 2009.

In ThisIs50’s blog entry, Vibe’s downfall is credited to the editorial direction of its editor-in-chief Danyel Smith,’s direction as the mag’s downfall.

“Recently, a story was published in Vibe, which listed the Top 50 Hip Hop Blogs out today,” blogger IndustryA$$hole writes. “If you look at their list, it’s clear to see that Vibe has NO CLUE what the kids are looking at. Ever since Danyel took over it seems like Vibe is detached with what’s going on in the entertainment world.

“A magazine that started out as something that hip-hop fans could be proud of has quickly turned into a magazine hip-hop fans are ashamed of.”

The report indicates that the long running mag is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. However, this could not be confirmed.

At press time, reps for Vibe had no comment.

The mag’s will its next issue on May 19th, dubbed the “Real Rap” issue with Eminem gracing the cover.

  1. Yeah vibe really suck now but if I seen this issue I would pick it up it looks interesting. But yeah I have alot of copies of the vibe old and new and after biggie died it did too.

  2. I have not liked the direction that this Editor-has taken the magazine for some time now. From the “Tabloid Issues” to the “Fashion Issue”. This was a mag dedicated to Hip/Hop not Paris Hilton. It is sad to see where it is going. It will be “Star” Mag next!

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