Rapper Alfamega’s Informant Past Rears Its Ugly Head

By Allen Starbury  |  05/05/2009

AlfamegaGrand Hustle recording artist Alfamega has multiple tear drop tattoos trickling down his cheek, has served a seven year bid in prison, and has even took part in fights with other rappers (he was involved in a brawl with Shawty Lo's camp at last year's Dirty Awards). The last thing you'd think of when you heard the name Alfamega was snitch, but that may not be far off from the truth.

The Smoking Gun (TSG) just released some damaging documents that show that the rapper served as a DEA informant and government witness during the mid-90s.

"I came up in the first projects in the United States; I came up in Techwood projects," Alfamega told us in an interview last November. "I was in and out of the system since I was nine years old. So, when we were younger, when we were in and out [of the system], it was a badge."

Although he did serve time, he has never revealed that he cooperated with authorities to get time shaved off his sentence.

TSG reports that court records show that Alfamega (real name: Cedric Zellars) began working with law enforcement in 1995 after he was sentenced to just over nine years thanks to a federal gun case (a prior felony robbery conviction, the rapper was busted for selling weapons to an undercover federal agent).

He "agreed to cooperate with authorities and was debriefed" about the criminal activity of several individuals. "In particular he was debriefed concerning the drug trafficking activities of a Mr. Ali Baaqar," according to a government court filing. During his cooperation against Baaqar, Alfamega met with a DEA agent and a federal prosecutor, and subsequently testified at trial.

Baaqar was convicted of conspiracy to distribute heroin, based upon the trial testimony of Alfamega.

For his part in the conviction, the rapper had his sentence reduced by 18 months, and now sells stories of his past criminal lifestyle via his music.

How will this sit with T.I., who himself is set to head to prison thanks to a sting set up with the Feds by his bodyguard back in October 2007?

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