Asher Roth Stirs Controversy With ‘Nappy Headed Hoes’ Tweet

2009-04-25 - Asher RothAsher Roth, the white rapper with the buzzing “I Love College” single, stirred up some controversy Thursday (April 24), when he pulled a Don Imus.

The rapper, via his Twitter page, made a “nappy headed hoes” joke, and some didn’t take it that way.

While attending a Rutgers University event Thursday night, Roth made a controversial comment, and then later retracted it.

“At Rutgers stirring up a ruckus,” he wrote. “Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry Twitter — hanging out with some nappy headed hoes.”

Check the screenshot (Props NahRight).

He later apologized — “Totally just making fun of Don Imus – Sorry Scoot, not trying to be offensive … I’m extremely apologetic to anyone who took offense to my immature, bad joke.”

But, the apology didn’t matter to some. XXL blogger, BOL, writes that he didn’t care either way, he just wants “to see angry black women throwing a fit, and cracka-ass crackas copping a plea.”

You can read BOL’s full rant over at

As far as Asher Roth’s comment, and subsequent apology, both have been removed from his Twitter page as of press time.

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