Charles Barkley: ‘If I Had Wolverine’s claws…’

2009-04-23 - Charles BarkleyThere’s a commercial/promotion for the upcoming “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” film that made us laugh. We had to share it.

If you’ve been watching the NBA Playoffs, you’ve noticed that sometimes during the broadcasting of one of the games, there’s a switch to a discussion between commentators Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley, in which they are overheard arguing.

“If you force him out, he’s limited from long range,” Smith says.

This is when host Ernie Johnson walks into the studio, speculating whether or not they are discussing Lebron James’ range beyond the arc. Smith corrects him though.

“Chuck thinks that Wolverine is the toughest member of the X-Men team, but he’s wrong,” Smith explains.

“See, Gambit’s kinetic energy…” continues Smith, before being interrupted by Barkley.

“Blah, blah, blah. If I had Wolverine’s claws, I would’ve had five more rebounds per game,” Chuck says.

“If you had Wolverine’s claws, you’d cut your arm off opening a pack of Twinkies,” responds Smith.

That’s when Barkley proves Smith wrong, as he fidgets with his wrist. Moments later, well… watch the clip to see.

(See the clip here )

The short promo is probably one of the best “Wolverine” ads we’re going to see. Very clever, I must admit.

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  1. Absolutely the best promo. Trailers these days are too much like watching the actual movie…you know far too much before you even walk in. Simple is better and these guys make it funny, interesting, and I enjoyed it!!

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