Rihanna Seeing Lakers Star Andrew Bynum?

2009-04-21 - Rihanna and Andrew BynumWhile Chris Brown is facing assault charges on Rihanna, the female singer is moving on … or rumored to be.

She’s been spotted all over the globe as of late, partying in clubs and vacations. Most recently, she was reportedly spotted in Los Angeles having a nice dinner with a Laker.

According to Bossip.com, 21-year-old Rihanna showed up at the Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Friday (April 17) with young Lakers’ star Andrew Bynum.

A source saw them, and said they looked pretty cozy.

“They looked very couple-y, sitting real close to each other in the car,” the source said.

If its true, it’s the first time Rihanna has been spotted with a man since she and Chris Brown decided to take some time off.

She also partied it up with L.A. Clippers players as well recently. According to the New York Daily News, Rihanna showed up at Los Angeles hot spot MyHouse, where she helped the Clippers’ star Baron Davis celebrate his 30th birthday — and “danced, sipped Grey Goose and flirted with Davis and his teammates all night.”

Chris Brown has been charged with felony assault and making criminal threats after he allegedly punched, bit and choked Rihanna until she was unconscious in his car during an incident in Los Angeles on February 8.

Brown has pleaded not guilty.

Brown sparked rumors about moving on as well last week, when he was spotted visiting a tattoo parlor with Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia.

At first, the blogosphere reported that the woman was his ex-girlfriend Erica Jackson, who grew up with Chris in Virginia. But, those rumors were cleared up.

Natalie denied reports that the pair was romantically involved: “Things are going well between us, but I really do not want to comment much more than that right now.”

  1. nice to see rihanna is rebounding nicely. i dont think it’d be such a bad thing if bynum kicked chris browns ass

  2. I don’t buy it, I think her black and blue love for Chris will provide many years of beatings to her and I think that she’s one of those women that’s just really into scum bag degenerates, which makes her a scum bag herself.

  3. Jesus H Christ you need a name change. I am sure Jesus isn’t a hater. You should be ashame of yourself. The only scum bag I see is you.

  4. I think they should move on,it would be better for their careers.Domestic violence happens a lot more than most people realize.I think Andrew would be a good husband for her,I’m a Laker fan.

  5. Some people need to find themselves first,before they bring old demons and baggage into a new relationship. Nothing will work out if you keep rebounding. The lakers don’t need drama. I wouldn’t dare throw a phone @ andrew. She thought what chris did was horrible! Ugly niggas don’t play,ur crawling up the wrong tree..lmfao

  6. I hope this isn’t true. I heard she likes to fight. She needs to stay the hell away from Andrew Bynum!!! Lakers and Laker fans,like me need him for are champion run!!! Rihanna is trouble!!!

  7. I heard Andrew was at the restaurant with family and Rihanna came over to his table and ask to take a picture. He has already said he is not dating her and not interested in dating her. Her PR people are putting these rumors out. They are trying to keep her revelant. How did the paps know she was going to the doctor of all places? How many paps camp out at a medical building? That is personal, her people call them so she could have a PR moment

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