Stat Quo To Release Two Digital Albums, Followed By Statlanta

Stat QuoSince leaving Shady/Aftermath following a five year tenure as an artist on the roster, Stat Quo has been flooding the streets with several mixtapes. Now, he’s gearing up for an exclusive digital album, via EMI, called Smokin’ Mirrors, due later this month.

Taking a step away from typical mixtapes, Stat Quo plans to showcase a variety of original collaborations with fresh new producers from his own Sperry Park Productions camp.

The past few months have given way to promising opportunities for the young lyricist, after a highly-publicized rally for freedom from his major label deal with Shady/Aftermath finally came to be. Although he had been signed since 2003, Stat knew that the wait time for his debut album, Statlanta, may be longer than originally anticipated. He asked to be let out of the situation, however the process for his liberation was a slow, angst-filled ride.

“I knew that they couldn’t put a record out on me before they put out the Dre, Eminem or the 50 Cent projects,” explains Stat Quo. “They knew that too, so when I was asking to be let go, I just don’t think they moved with the sense of urgency of somebody that you really got love for. By the time they came around to it, the momentum I had died down and I had to build everything back up to get my name out here.”

Once he was able to operate on his own, Stat Quo got to work in the studio, creating an impressive catalog of mixtapes and original work — including The Bailout in late 2008, then Quo City, Checks & Balance, and The Invisible Man in 2009. He is now prepared for the April 21 release of Smokin’ Mirrors, which will be followed by another digital prelude album in June, then his official full-length debut in fall 2009.

Smokin’ Mirrors is all original beats and is a sign of things to come,” explains Stat. “It’s kind of like a preview for a movie, but not necessarily telling you what the movie is about. The significance of the title Smokin’ Mirrors is sometimes when you stand in front of the mirror, reality gets f***ed up when it’s clouded with smoke, and you lose focus of who you are in a situation. It’s basically trying to see who you are through the mirror, and that can apply to any one of us.”

With the backing of Dre and Em, the Atlanta rapper has forged some strong relationships within the music industry. But, Stat Quo wants to be known for his own unique sound and style. Opting for up-and-coming producers on his new projects has been a big part of that movement, and Smokin’ Mirrors is just a glimmer in the scope of his individual expression.

“I want people to recognize that I’m the total package, and I’m destined to be a legend in this game,” he says. “I want people to get past where I’m from and just see me as one of the best to ever do it. When people say I’m the best, then my mission is complete, and until they say that, I’m gonna keep creating.”

Smokin’ Mirrors will be released on April 21.

Additionally, Stat will be the host of’s next installment of our Digital Dynasty mixtape series. The digital only mixtape will hit our site for free download, later this month.

  1. Stat, Killer Mike, Dro and Playaz Circle are my favorite spitters out the A town!

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