Mike Jones’ Ice Age Chain Jacked By Close Friends — Rapper Explains

Mike Jones

With his album The Voice dropping at the end of the month, Mike Jones has surfaced as a new man. You see the considerable weight loss — 100 lbs. to be exact — but one thing you may or may not have noticed about Mike is that his enormous, jewel encrusted chain and Ice Age pendant is missing from around his neck. The reason why is because it was stolen.

Just like he does with several other situations on his forthcoming album, Mike aired out the situation during a recent interview with BallerStatus.com.

The Houston rapper revealed that his missing chain wasn’t the result of someone snatching it while in the streets. Surprisingly, it was stolen from right from under his nose, while in his own home, while asleep.

“I was asleep in my house one day, I woke up, and my homie stole it from me,” Mike Jones explained to BallerStatus. “They stole the [white platinum] chain, the bracelet, and the watch, but I still got my ring though. I’m good. All that was insured, so all that’s coming back.”

Detailing the incident to us, Mike, confused, explained that his close friends — ones he grew up with — waited until he fell asleep and made off with his expensive his jewelry.

“[It was] grew up homies, like partners I grew up with,” Mike explained with a look of disappointment. “It wasn’t like someone ran up on me and say ‘Give it here.’ I’m asleep in my house, and I wake up and its gone — inside my house.

“I stay in a penthouse, you just can’t come in there like that. I got security at the bottom. You ain’t just able to walk in and just come up to my floor. There’s people who already have access to be up there in my room. I guess they waited until I fell asleep, when I woke up, it was gone,” Mike continued.

Betrayed, the rapper says he’s taking the situation in stride, looking at it as a learning experience. He’s now more cautious about who he surrounds himself with.

“That was learning lesson to me. That’s material stuff. I ain’t tripping on that ’cause I’m gonna re-get it, and I’m gone re-get it,” said Mike. “Point of it is, they just sold they souls and they showed they true colors. Now that I’m back on top, a lot of people trying to come back to Mike Jones, but I tell em: ‘Back then you didn’t want me, now I’m hot you all on me.'”

These types of situations are some of the topics covered on Mike Jones’ comeback album, The Voice, where he says he’ll address everything … and leave nothing out.

“I wanted to really just let my true fans know where I been and why I was took away from the game, and why this happened and why this happened. And, put a little light on this and this and this issue. I call it The Voice, so ya’ll gonna hear me April 28,” said the rapper.

“I’mma answer all questions, and still give ya’ll the hits that ya’ll want. I’mma let ya’ll know — very clearly — what happened with me, what’s going on, what’s the delay, and why I went through a four-year hiatus. I’mma tell you everything. … When I drop this album, I’m gonna put [my right hand up] and tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Currently his single “Next To You” has stayed in constant rotation at radio, and the follow-up is set to be a track called “Swagg Thru The Roof.”

The Voice hits stores April 28.

  1. Hes scared to do something about it.. Hes like “no problem its insured”.. Muthafucka, someone snatching your chain, best get your guns out

  2. mike jones is soft i bet he really is bout to come out with the truth and let everyone know hes a pussy and he be gettin bullied in Houston

  3. Jride your a typical nig, get a fucking life you idiot.. Yeah exactly its insured, why would he ruin his life when hes got a good one over some chains that have been snatched? Dumb fucking nig and pure typical too

  4. he did the right thing it was a material thing…you can’t take them with you…i can’t wait to hear the cd.

  5. I dont think hes a pussy cause he aint do nothin he smart,see thats how niggas get caught up and then got 2 spend the rest of they life in jail.Hope he learned somethin from it cant trust nobody they probably been plottin on that shit. Good luck!!

  6. Yep he should go kill them niggas. Especially since he told the whole world what happened. So he should shoot all them niggas and then he can do life over some jewels. That’s smart as fuck. oh and that shit is gangsta. Fuck outta here. Lames.

  7. bet he set that shit up with his boys, split that insurance $ + the chain…

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