Jamie Foxx Rips Miley Cyrus For Radiohead Diss

2009-04-14 - Jamie Foxx and Miley CyrusLast week, Miley Cyrus caught flack for outing rock band Radiohead for not meeting her backstage at the Grammys.

According to Us Magazine, the teen star, also known as Hannah Montana, threw a fit when she was denied access to the band, when they refused her request to meet them backstage at the Grammys.

Mad, she blasted the group on radio, saying “I’m gonna ruin them, I’m gonna tell everyone.”

Oscar winning actor/singer Jamie Foxx weighed in on the news, via his SIRIUS Satellite Radio show “The Foxxhole,” throwing some harsh verbal shots her way.

“She’s gonna ruin Radiohead’s career?” he asked before ripping into the teen star. “Make a sex tape and grow up. Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin. Do like Lindsay Lohan, start seeing a lesbian, and get some crack in your pipe; catch Chlamydia on a bicycle seat.”

We’re not ones to condone an obnoxious behavior, but did Jamie have to go that hard at her? After all, she’s just 16 years old, especially when he has his own teenage daughter?

What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

In response to Miley, Radiohead said she needs to basically grow up: “When Miley grows up, she’ll learn not to have a sense of entitlement.”

  1. Nothing like dissing a 16-year-old to make you feel like a man. I think he’s jealous cause the only real music hit he had was repeatedly singing a sample of someone else’s hit.

  2. I thought it was quite ridiculous. He is disrespectful and immature. Maybe she also was being immature but she is only 16. Foxx seemed very eager to demonstrate on his lacking ability to be a parent. Telling anyone to take heroin to get attention is just ridiculous. It’s very unfortunate that he and his coworkers were completely unprofessional. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  3. what a fucking moron,listen to the interview,she was joking when said will ruined them,how’s he gonna feel if someboy said that to his daughter,he’s a fucking prick!

  4. Hey equal opp babies equal opp. this little nice slut act like she’s grown so there take what he said. Yall are some sentitive ass morons!!!!

  5. IMMATURE!!!!!!
    For Someone at that age.
    and those people at the radio station.
    Jamie foxx your freaken 40 years old talking about a 16 year old, and you don’t even have the story straight. totally unnecessary, go talk about someone you’re own age

  6. I’ve seriously lost 99% of respect I had for him. I didn’t think he was that stupid or ignorant. He has shocked me. It’s very sad that he is talking like that to a child. We forget that because she is famous and rich; we think she’s an adult. She’s just like his daughter: a young girl. Would he liked it if someone said something similar to his daughter? Or said Jamie Foxx, the one with all the nose, the one with all the lips?

  7. I really don’t know where Jamie was trying to convey with his comments, but Miley is an idiot. I mean, at 16 what can u expect? She does really seem to be a spoiled brat that tries to conduct herself in a way that is not becomming of a young lady… It’ll be interesting to see what happens to her in the future.

  8. Hip-Hop nation will get a free pass on racism yet again. Blah and phooey.

  9. Ever stop to think that maybe people just don’t like that bitch Miley Cyrus? She aint nothing but a rerun. She’ll be just like the other Disney stars, just like Britney, Lindsey. She can’t sing, act, can’t do SHIT. She’s a spoiled ass bitch. Aint nobody in their right mind jealous of that soon-to-be-hoe. She’s just a fad. The only people that care about her are the little teenie-bopping tweens.

  10. “Who is Radiohead?” Everybody is jealous of Miley. You can tell most celebrities are. Jamie Foxx just proved this true. Miley is freakin sexier than Lindsay. Lindsay is a whore and Britney is a fatass and Paris is narcisstic and ugly. Nuff said.

  11. Aw Jamie Jamie Jamie… That is NOT a good look for you my man. Damn, I mean…she may be obnoxious..but she IS ONLY 16. Let her turn 18 at least and then tell her to catch the clap.. Jeez!

  12. Oh yeah, I’m sure that an acclaimed actor (how many awards has he won?), comedian and singer is jealous of a flash-in-the-pan Disney star. Miley Cyrus is seriously delusional if she thinks she’s more powerful than Radiohead and that she can “ruin” them by telling people they wouldn’t meet her. No one cares, honey!

  13. This is dum and yall are eating it up!! Wow. Once again a kid is ruling the fool in you^^^^^!

  14. That lil future tramp and no hit wonder is only where she is at because of her father. Her father is the pimp. Everyone harping on Jaime should harp on her dad. Jaime is an Oscar winning actor who is very talented as an actor/comedian/musician and singer. She will never match what he did. Her career is over when she is to old for Disney. Unless she becomes a tinsel town tramp. She can’t sing anyways. Hollywood is fucked up. It either makes you or breaks you there is no in between.

  15. miley cirus is an idiot. shes a spoiled rotten daddys little girl and her immature ass shudnt be a role model for all these little girls.




    jamie foxx… nuthin but respect 4 u.

  16. Wow. You told her!Doesn’t he have a daughter of his own? Come on “man”. Don’t you have movies and s#%* to see about? I don’t care how pissed he was. Pull ur panties outa your crack man. And get a LIFE.

  17. i heard on chale.com that she asked mister snapper and kid frost to do a jam. she wants to be down with southsiders

  18. I hope his daughter becomes lesbian heroine taking call girl that that gets knocked up by a cowboy.

  19. I,m shocked to hear what Jamie said about miley,I,m a mother of two son 18 daughter 14 and I am pissed off grow the f–ck up you piece of sh-t. Miley new the group wanted to meet them she was joking.

  20. He owes her an apology (and who were those radio people he was talking to who don’t know who Miley Cyrus is?) I second axxesmerdas comment above.

  21. As usual, we have a double standard in the U.S. Imus was fired and dragged thru the mud while Mr. Foxx is treated with kid gloves. If people are upset with his comments, do not see his new movie, or, picket outside his movie when it shows in your area.

  22. Honestly. At 16 you know what’s riqht and what’s wronq. Miley seriously needs to qrow up, jeez she’s already doinq what qrown ups do so why can’t she act like it? Maybe Foxx did overreact but leave the tantrums for a 6 year old. Maybe all the fame is qettinq to her head

  23. She might be 16, and as so should not be treated as an adult…unless you are a public figure. If you make your living in the public sphere, you should be read to take the public’s adulation and insults and not cry about it. Remember today we love you and tomorrow we hate you.

  24. Well lets see, he also called her a WHITE bi***, if the tables were turned and race became a factor, there would be hell to pay from the Caucasian camp.
    Mr. Foxx, use some common sense and quit picking on the children! That was utterly DISGUSTING and I wouldn’t pay a single penny to listen to the garbage that came out of your mouth on your program.

  25. Fox is the one who should grow up. Mmm, a 41 yr old complaining about a 16 year old. Sounds like pure jealously to me. Isn’t she worth a tad bit more than Foxx. Maybe not a comedian, but definately has more talent than Fox, and what, she’s only 16. I got on NETFLIX and “not interested” every movie/video he’s done. He’s an a-hole! I’ve lost all respect for this dude.

  26. Yes he has an Oscar, bet its his last. And Miley, she’s only getting more popular. As far as I’m concerned, Foxx can kiss his career goodbye.

  27. Why is everyone feeling sorry for her, talking about shes a 16 year old kid…Yeah and she dates a grown man…Hello who cares, Im sure she says more than what he said about her, about other people…lol Funny Jamie is hilarious..lol

  28. Miley can ditch the dirt, but she can’t take it. The shoe is on the other foot cry baby Cyrus…Who gives a peep about, Hanna Montanna…She has a grown man for a boyfriend..Trust shes no Virgin..Thats why there is no respect for her..Clearly not a role model..She gets the best of Both worlds..slut..lol..Dont cry now…But he was wrong for call her a White*****But funny anyway Jamie is crazy..Love him…

  29. He did not call her a White B**** the caller did..Other people are talking about her too…lol

  30. HE IS A COMEDIAN with a radio program! enough said.. Do people get outraged at Howard Stern for his comments? NO! I saw him on one of the late night talk shows apologizing for his comments. Hey in the end all of this has been great publicity. so keep talking bitches

  31. This is pretty funny.:D
    Okay, it was wrong in a way.
    But He is a comedian.
    Obviously he didn’t mean it.
    Miley Cyrus need to learn how to keep her mouth shut.
    One day she is going to say the wrong thing to the wrong person.
    And they’re going to lay her ass out.
    Then she’ll really have something to be crying about.

    Oh yeah, her brother has way more talent then she could ever even possibly dream of possessing.

  32. all u white folks always got something to say thats yall fault yall let yall kids do dat stupid shit and spoiling em and thankin aint nobody gone say shit fuck miley cyrus she a fuckin whore i stand behind jamie foxx she brought this on herself if its all white its alright huh

  33. Hell yes go Jamie. Freedom of speech is one of the greatest things we have in our Country. It disgusts me that people have to apologize when they exercise there right to say what they want.

    Miley Cyrus is going to ruin Radiohead? What is she thinking. Keep us laughing Jamie love the fox hole.

  34. Another racist comment by a black person goes unnoticed or at least ignored. If a white person said it is that “black bitch” they would have caught all kinds of hell for it. There is a difference between comedy and being an asshole, apparently he doesn’t know the difference!

  35. i will have to side with jamie on this 1 and for the one that said miley was joking about ruining radio head she was not lieing idoit she said after radio head won a grammy and didnt let miley back stage with them idioy….

  36. man yall leave jamie alone and what are yall talking about what racism he said nothing racist. yall just hate to see a black person wit money he’s a comedian he made a joke, damn get over it

  37. Radiohead are kings
    Hanna montana is cool
    Jamie, her booty not big enough for you – or should I say Ya ass bitch

  38. I,m sorry , I cant forgive Jamie, He said a,lot of realy bad things about Miley. I,m a mother of 2 my son is 18 my daughter is 14 Miley is right in between my kid’s ages If someone said that about my kid we would have a problem.

  39. Hmm… Yeah! Miley Cyrus is going to ruin Radiohead. How exactly? It’s not gonna be easy for her to wreck a critically acclaimed, multi million, legendary band like Raiohead with a piece of tabloid rag news. Ah well. Keep trying, Miley…

  40. Lol, fuck Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus, you’re just another stupid fad, you can’t take down talent.

  41. Well kudos to Radiohead for not wanting to meet Miley Cyrus- she’s an untalented and conceited megalomaniac.

  42. Miley Cyrus is only famous cause of her daddy, without him, she’d just be another American girl. So yea shes a spoiled little bitch

  43. Radiohead and Jamie Foxx are awesome and who seriously gives a fuck what Miley Cirus wants. It sounds to me as tho Mr.Foxx was just telling us all how her life is gunna turn out, as if we didnt already know.

  44. radiohead is ill. foxx is a comedian who cares. miley will always be a joke who cares. radiohead 4 life. radiohead-Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box

  45. jamie foxx is an ass hole.talkin so much shit.he is just another typical niggar.i fuckin hate black people with a passion because theyre so damn ignorent.they r a mistake to this world

  46. hey daniel i understand what jamie did was imautre for a 40 yearold but you have no right to be prejudice or racist i dont know who the hell you think you are but calling black people arragegent but americans are the most stuborn of them all so keep your mouth shut god made everyone equal and dont judje by color you dumb ass so keep your mouth shut couse you dont know what your saying

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