It takes more than duct tape and a few bullets to earn the title “Don”. It takes even more when your one of the next in line to run an organized crime family. Becoming boss of all bosses is your main objective in “Godfather II.”

The beginning of this epic third person shooter starts with the current boss being killed by the hands of a rival family. With your customized character, you must build your own family, extort businesses, monopolize illegal crime rings, and demolish new families in 1960s New York, Florida, and Cuba.

Game Review - 2009-04-10 - Godfather II

Using what is called the “Don View”, your character must make decisions that can affect the outcome of your game. Using this new feature, you will be able to build, defend and expand crime rings, while watching the movements and plans of the rival families. You will also learn to master the politics of organized crime by building a family of made men, hiring crews, handing out orders, and promoting their best men up the ranks.

The gameplay and controls are undeniably similar to the “Grand Theft Auto” series that gamers are so used to. This updated version of the last “Godfather” installment has way more action, and an overall better gaming experience. The fast paced movement, and the personalized problem solving features, makes the game a much better contender in the third person shooter category. The weapons that are featured, are straight out of the 60s, which adds to the authentic look of the environment. The classic vehicles and dated fashion compliments the times quite well, matched with sarcastic comments and tough guy bravado, “Godfather II” is sure to make you laugh.

Your henchmen play a big role in your success. Some can be experts at bombs, some can be great marksmen, and some can just hold down the trigger of an automatic weapon to take out a sea of opponents, something that is greatly appreciated in a fire fight. Due to the fact that you must sometimes delegate duties, your criminal enterprise expands. Each business you take over is also a target for another family, so your manpower must always be up to par in each of your establishments.

Game Review - 2009-04-10 - Godfather II

Once you have killed all your enemies, taken all the businesses, murdered all of the rats, and evaded police successfully, the game is simply never over. It’s online network allows the player to get updates and new missions that will keep you glued to your seat.

Overall the game is a much more updated version of the last, and it is sure to have many gamers suffering from insomnia.

Our Rating: 3.5 of 5.0