Ralphige Behind Call Offering Rick Ross Money To End 50 Cent Beef

Ralphige and Rick Ross

2009-04-09 - Ralphige and Rick RossThe fued between Rick Ross and 50 Cent has seen several shots thrown back and forth. Fif’ enlisted Ross’ baby’s mother to damage Ricky’s credibility, while Ross continiously threw disses at the entire G-Unit, via interviews and videos posted on WorldStarHipHop.com.

In a recent interview with TorchIsNy.com, the Miami rapper made the claim that an employee of G-Unit, who he identified as Nelson Gomez, called him out of the blue and offered to pay him a large sum of money to end his battle with 50 Cent.

“I got a call from a dude from G-Unit, his name is Nelson Gomez. Yea, the n**** Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back,” the rapper claimed in the interview. “I told him make it a half a million, and I’ll chill on Curly (50 Cent), but that don’t go for Yayo and the other guy.

“If I do agree to fall back on the n**** — ’cause they give me the money — I ain’t giving ya’ll other n****s a pass. The monkey said ‘Don’t give n****s passes. So, we ain’t giving n****s passes.” he continued.

While bloggers speculated whether Ross was telling the truth or not, we’ve learned the truth. BallerStatus.com has discovered that Rick Ross did, in fact, get the call he claimed he did. However, the caller was not a 50 Cent employee.

Actually, Rick Ross was just another victim of celebrity crank caller Ralphige, who pretended to be a G-Unit Records executive named Nelson Gomez.

“I crank called [Rick Ross] like two weeks ago, pretending to be someone from G-Unit — Nelson,” Ralphige revealed to BallerStatus.com. “I hit him up, told him that 50 wanted to dead the sh**, he was beating 50, 50 was willing to give him [$500,000] if he would just fall back, and just say ‘I don’t want it with 50. 50’s too big, I don’t want him to f*** me over.’ ”

According to Ralphige, the Miami rapper was agressive from the second he said he was from G-Unit. Although he told Ross he’d receive a nice payday if he would back down in the beef, he laughed it off and declined.

“[Rick Ross] got excited as f***. He didn’t except, which is one thing I respect. He’s like ‘Nah, nah. F*** that. I’mma keep doing me. I’mma keep doing me.’ … I told him 50 doesn’t want it with you no more, he feels like you’re one person who gave him a challenge, he respects you, he likes you’re music, and he wants you to back down. He was like ‘Nah, I ain’t backing down.'”

After the call ended, the crank call king was planning to release it on the internet immediately, but Ross beat him to the punch.

“Before I could even put the call out, he was already doing interviews, talking about it,” Ralphige said with a laugh. “He ran to the media with it like it was real. He fell for that sh**.”

So there you have it, Rick Ross wasn’t lying. But, he did get played.

As far as the actual beef between the two rappers, Ralphige had an opinion on that too. The Miami-native feels his hometown team is winning, music wise that is.

“I think Ross is whopping 50’s ass, as far as the music goes. Ross is dropping hit records,” Ralphige explained. “50 … since 50 is not able to pump out a hit anymore, he’s just doing extra credit sh**, like getting the guy’s baby mama, going for personal attacks. … you made it where you’re at outta music. You can’t attack Ross on the music tip, like you did everybody else? … As long as Scott Storch is in rehab, 50’s in trouble. 50 needs Scott Storch, he needs that hit.

“I back them both. I just think 50 is wack, as far as music goes now. 50 will win the war because 50 will just drop a nuke. Before you know it, he’s got a video of Rick Ross doing some crazy sh**. He’s gonna win the war, but Ross is winning the little battles, as far as dropping the good songs,” he continued.

At press time, it was unknown when the recording of the call would be leaked.

Ralphige has been kinda for the past year or so, but he’s preparing a comeback. He told us he’s got hundreds of crank calls in his vault, and is compiling a new CD for them soon.

But, as far as his little hiatus, he explained that his last CD Phone’kd received so much attention that calls became harder and harder to pull off, simply because celebs begin to realize who he was. So, to combat his rising profile, he fell back so they’d forget about him. But, now he’s back and celebrities better watch out.

His next CD is still in the works, and Ralphige doesn’t have an estimated time frame on its release. However, he’s finally dropped Phone’kd on iTunes to hold people over.

For further updates on Ralphige, be sure to visit Ralphige.com or Twitter.com/Ralphige.

  1. 50 has Dre & Eminem in his corner if it comes to it. Who does Ricky have? DJ Khaled? LOL

  2. Ross wuz Praying 4 a Call Like that and Tried 2 Keep it G but got super Played LoL

  3. “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT TIA TOLD MEEEEE!!!” that diss song beat all of ross’. and banks laid the chalk down with OFFICER DOWN….


  5. Neither one of these niggas gone call off this beef! They both have way too much pride. But I bet ross knew it was bullshit! That’s sum clowin that fift wit do. Crank call his enemy and then put it on the internet. This beef will play itself out im sure.

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