2009-04-08 - TahirySince making her appearance on Joe Budden’s ongoing vlog, Joe Budden TV, male fans have lusted over the rapper’s girlfriend Tahiry. Now, with her own following beginning to grow, King magazine has decided to give their final cover to Joey Jumpoff’s voluptuous girl.

In an interview with King-Mag.com, Joe Budden discussed the mag’s shoot with Tahiry.

When asked if he called the shots during the shoot, the rapper responded, “I wasn’t in there being the overseer. You know how females bring their significant other [and] it makes for an uncomfortable shoot. I definitely didn’t want to do that. I told her before the shoot, ‘I’ll leave if you want.’ I trust her 100%, and she wanted me to stay.”

Even though he’s able to see Tahiry in little clothing more than the rest of us, he was “amazed” by the end result of the shot, giving his girl props.

“It turned out amazing. She naturally looks amazing, her shape and her body is definitely one of a kind, naturally,” said Joe. “So I anticipate the [cover] shot. I think people are looking for it. And I can’t say I blame them.”

Since introducing her to his fans and the masses on his YouTube channel, Tahiry has gained a lot of admirers. There’s was even one episode on Joe Budden TV where the rapper addressed all the men trying to holler at her on MySpace.

Despite all the attention she’s receiving, Joey says he supports Tahiry in anything and everything she wants to do.

“I support her in anything she wants to do. And I’m well aware that for guys to look at her and be in awe or be amazed — females cherish that type of attention,” Joe admits. “Anyone loves that type of attention, as long as it’s positive. So we put her on Joe Budden TV, and it turned into a lot of people loving and adoring her, and liking to look at her. And she enjoys it. The second she doesn’t enjoy it is the second it will stop.”

The couple relationship has blossomed since they first met, and even Joe is quick to let people know he’s met his soul mate. As he puts it, she’s the “yin to my yang.”

“We’re like puzzle pieces; we just perfectly go together. God put my soul mate in front of me, and I’m one of the lucky ones, because everyone doesn’t have that opportunity,” he said.

According to RapRadar.com, Tahiry’s King cover hits newsstands on April 21st. It’s also rumored to be the mag’s last.