Friends, Artists Rally Behind DJ Hideo — Ready L.A. Benefit Concert

2009-04-08 - DJ Hideo concertDJ Hideo is a silent hero in Los Angeles. For years, the Japanese DJ has worked hard to help push real L.A. hip-hop into the ears of fans, through various gigs, as well as radio. Now, at just 40 years old, he’s battling for his life, after being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

Friends of the humble DJ from L.A. have since made it their mission to do everything in their power to help him.

Upon hearing the news, Los Angeles music industry vets DJ K-Sly, Tawala Sharp, and Vivian Son banded together to throw a benefit concert, in Los Angeles this Thursday (April 9), to help in his fight against the killer disease.

“We did an industry benefit, a private one. We really wanted to do something big, especially for Hideo,” event co-director K-Sly told “We just shot an email out, and made a few calls just to see who was onboard. Everybody was down.

“Out of everyone giving their time, they’ve not given us any ridiculous rider requests from any artist. All the artists are donating their time. They didn’t ask for anything. It’s love,” she continued.

While we’ve been unable to talk to DJ Hideo directly, K-Sly says he’s maintaining, despite undergoing chemotherapy, and living beyond doctor’s life expectations.

According to K-Sly, he remains optimistic despite everything.

“His spirit is so big and strong that he said he doesn’t even feel sick,” she said. “He said that he knows he’s sick, but he said he doesn’t feel sick and the doctors are like ‘Wow, I can’t believe it.’ He’s fighting it. He really is.”

Industry friends DJ Rhettmatic and Eric Bobo (of Cypress Hill fame) — who will perform at Thursday’s Project Hideo benefit concert — also weighed in on Hideo’s grave situation, also revealing their shocked state when finding out.

“Personally, I was shocked. I found out like four days after he was diagnosed,” Rhettmatic explained.

“Just to hear about anyone being in that situation is just really crazy. Whatever you can do to help, that’s when the time is,” added Bobo.

According to the two musicians, once they were called upon to contribute for the upcoming benefit concert, they were all in with no questions asked. All they want is to support their fellow music industry friend.

“It’s definitely a blessing to have people that are already in your corner to help you out. I don’t think that everyone has that benefit sometimes,” Eric Bobo said. “To be able to do something like this, bring people together, do it for the love of music and hip-hop, and to also give our love and respect to Hideo for his accomplishments, it’s only right. It’s important to honor our own while they’re here.”

“We’re really praying for him, and hoping that he’ll have a smile on his face knowing that this is going down,” Rhettmatic added.

The pair will perform a DJ and percussion set on Thursday (April 9) at the Mayan, alongside Evidence and Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, Defari, G. Malone, Hot Dollar, and many more, as well as DJ sets from the likes of DJ K-Sly, Spindrella and Mr. Choc.

Mural done by graffiti artists, Frame and Ezra, in support of DJ Hideo
Mural done by graffiti artists, Frame and Ezra, in support of DJ Hideo

The fundraising concert requires a $20 minimum donation for entry, but is going to a good cause, and will feature over 20 acts and hosts. For more information or to get involved, feel free to email DJ K-Sly at

DJ Hideo is so happy about all the support he’s received from fans and friends. K-Sly says he and his family have been blown away by it.

“[Hideo is] so humble. He’s like ‘You guys, you don’t have to do anything. I really, really appreciate it.’ Him and his family just tell us ‘Thank you’ every day,” said K-Sly. “But, there’s no need for thank yous, we are his friends. This is what friends do. He’s really happy, this is overwhelming to him.”

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  1. Very sad, Pray, this is just temporary, what matter in this life is that you fight the good fight for christ, but most don’t believe however I send you blessing from the most high, I hope it gets better. Much love and mercy.

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