Immortal Technique Builds Orphanage In Afghanistan

By Allen Starbury  |  04/03/2009

Immortal Technique Builds Orphanage In Afghanistan

Rapper Immortal Technique has just returned to the US from a two week voyage to Afghanistan where he personally participated in opening of the Amin Institute, an orphanage, school and medical facility for children.

The facility was a long time in the making. It was a dream the rapper helped to fruition by doing a number of benefit concerts and donating his own money.

While in Afghanistan, Immortal Technique helped with final construction of the institute, procured supplies, hired staff and helped spread the word. The opening ceremony took place and the first students were enrolled.

During his time in Kabul, he stayed in both a safe house and the home of retired Afghan military officer, giving him further insight into the inner-workings of the country.

Of the people of Afghanistan, Immortal Technique says, "If you are a visitor, they will treat you like one of their own and more ... they are some of the humbled and more respectful people I have ever come across. You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again [against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda] to retain their independence and identity.

"I hope the operations there are handled with extreme care and respect for the sovereignty of the nation. If the situation worsens, and the people of Afghanistan are fully turned against the United States, it will not be a winnable war," he continued.

Traveling to Afghanistan and not merely throwing money at the cause is a testament to the type of individual Immortal Technique is. More than just a rapper, he is a Revolutionary thinker and a man of action who isn't afraid to literally make change happen with his own hands.

For those familiar with his music, the subject matter ranges from introspective and historically poised, to violent and painful. His work as a philanthropist mirrors his inspiring work as an artist, not afraid to ruffle feathers and go a step further than what is deemed safe.

His experiences will be documented in a movie he is producing with filmmaker C. Stuart who accompanied him to Afghanistan.