Immortal Technique Builds Orphanage In Afghanistan

Immortal Technique Builds Orphanage In Afghanistan

Rapper Immortal Technique has just returned to the US from a two week voyage to Afghanistan where he personally participated in opening of the Amin Institute, an orphanage, school and medical facility for children.

The facility was a long time in the making. It was a dream the rapper helped to fruition by doing a number of benefit concerts and donating his own money.

While in Afghanistan, Immortal Technique helped with final construction of the institute, procured supplies, hired staff and helped spread the word. The opening ceremony took place and the first students were enrolled.

During his time in Kabul, he stayed in both a safe house and the home of retired Afghan military officer, giving him further insight into the inner-workings of the country.

Of the people of Afghanistan, Immortal Technique says, “If you are a visitor, they will treat you like one of their own and more … they are some of the humbled and more respectful people I have ever come across. You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again [against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda] to retain their independence and identity.

“I hope the operations there are handled with extreme care and respect for the sovereignty of the nation. If the situation worsens, and the people of Afghanistan are fully turned against the United States, it will not be a winnable war,” he continued.

Traveling to Afghanistan and not merely throwing money at the cause is a testament to the type of individual Immortal Technique is. More than just a rapper, he is a Revolutionary thinker and a man of action who isn’t afraid to literally make change happen with his own hands.

For those familiar with his music, the subject matter ranges from introspective and historically poised, to violent and painful. His work as a philanthropist mirrors his inspiring work as an artist, not afraid to ruffle feathers and go a step further than what is deemed safe.

His experiences will be documented in a movie he is producing with filmmaker C. Stuart who accompanied him to Afghanistan.

  1. Sounds great. Who should people contact if they want to get more information about and/or support this effort?

  2. I Salute the God Immortal Technique you see Bill O’Reilly all rapper aren’t thugs with they m f’n tea

  3. Immortal Technique is a true soldier for the people, a revolutionary not only in his rhymes but in his actions. I hope people in the position to make a difference are inspired, I know I am.

  4. There is no god, brooklynislam. Get over it. “2 hands at work accomplish more than 10,000 clasped in prayer.”

  5. Immortal Technique is really showing here that the revolutionary socialist spirit isn’t dead… the activism he does in Harlem and the solidarity he shows with people abroad..

    That’s not even to mention his music.

  6. I love this guy, really a true hero who help others and send a message to everyone that humanity isnt dead, I will buy your every cd that comes out right away :), i am a big fan of this guy, i am glad to see he is helping my people in afghanistan thats just awesome,

    lots of lot and respect to you brotha,

    Amad, from canada (-_-) <—

  7. Regardless weather there is a God or not isnt the point Tech is attempting to help the meek and helpless to bring God into this is completely off topic

    anyways much respect to Tech

  8. I love me some tech, amazing rapper, sound revolutionary, and obviously willing to put his money wear his mouth is. Someday though, he’s gotta realize you can’t have a revolution without women, and stop being so misogynistic. I know he says its a joke, but seriously, i’m tired of being hardcore objectified by society, i don’t want to be objectified by my comrades.

  9. when the author says “. You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again [against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda] ”

    he forgets to mentions that the afghans are also fighting against the United States and its allies. he also forgot to mention that Immortal Technique is a Socialist, annd that the kids who will be in his orphanage are orphans because of the United States.

  10. Much respect and appreciation for everything that you do Tech.
    You are a huge inspiration to myself and *real* people everywhere.
    Thank You for doing what you do.

  11. Quit making excuses, women have been changing standards for a LONG TIME.

    Objectification is the root to your success. Not because of discrimination, but because the sweet is so much sweet with the sour.

  12. Well ladi freaken da. Go post somewhere else asshole. There talking about Immortal Technique, not the U.S. Its not CNN.

  13. WTF are all these comments about tech being a revolutionary socialist. All this money to build the school/medical facility is from the American Dream, hard work and free market capitalism. Q: You know how many schools bill gates has built? A: A shit ton. Also, nobody can call themselves a revolutionary unless they have taken up arms and actually fought in a battle against an oppressive regime, maybe he has, I’m not sure. Revolutionary is an honorary title gained when one risks their life (literally as in you were shooting at people who were forcefully oppressing you) because they were willing to die for an ideal or moral code. A “microphone revolutionary” is nothing more than a protester.

  14. I listened to him growing up and never knew how active he was in helping the underprivileged. What a great guy he is.

  15. “You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again [against the Soviets, Taliban and Al Qaeda] to retain their independence and identity.”

    Notice the little sneaky bit in brackets, The Afghan people are the Taliban and AQ is their guest. The bit in the brackets should be re-written as follows:

    “You have to admire their resilience of their spirit, fighting again and again [against the British, Soviets and Amerikkka] to retain their independence and identity.”

  16. Now more little terrorist can get the education to become big terrorist

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