King Magazine A Wrap?

2009-04-01 - King MagazineLess than a week after news broke that Blender magazine was closing its doors, it seems that another bites the dust. That magazine is rumored to be King, as a result of the current economic crisis. reports that the long-running magazine’s time has come, and they’re closing so fast, they’re not even releasing their next issue.

“We just got word that KING magazine (aka Butts and Rims) is closing shop, not even releasing its next issue,” the site said in a blog entry. “In this strained economy, the already dying print format is suffering big time.

“It is upsetting to hear of people losing jobs, but can this be considered a victory for women (in particular black women), who struggle against objectification at every turn? I have to admit, I enjoy the images, but I know it can’t really be good for raising the standards of our society,” the post continued.

King is a bimonthly magazine that features everything from music to cars, to sports and fashion. However, the main attraction was its spreads of urban eye candy, scantily clad.

We’ve yet to confirm this rumor. At press time, we were awaiting response from the mag’s parent company Harris Publications, which also housing XXL and Rides.

Update: Elliott Wilson’s confirmed the news earlier today. “I can only imagine how busy Twitter is right now over this,” an unidentified staffer told the site. “I thought we had at least one more issue in us, but in general, I saw it. It definitely sucks, but what can we do, you know?”

King just celebrated its 50th issue, and six years since its launch. The issue features a coverstory on Christina Milian, as well as a spread by Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard.

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