Percy ‘Romeo’ Miller Puts Education Over Fame, Pays Off With USC Pac-10 Victory

By Allen Starbury  |  03/17/2009
Romeo and his USC Trojan teammates hold their hands high in victory (Photo: Danny B)

Romeo and his USC Trojan teammates hold their hands high in victory (Photo: Danny B)

Percy "Romeo" Miller has put his entertainment career on hold to do something that no other teen entertainer has done ... go to college, play basketball, and win the PAC-10 Championship ring. On top of all that, he is only a freshman.

Understanding the importance of knowledge has paid off big time for Romeo, while other teen entertainers are caught up into the negative Hollywood madness. The teen rapper, and son of hip-hop mogul Master P, remains positive in his determination to succeed in his education, rather than entertainment.

"I love to party and have fun just like any other teen. I'm not perfect, my dad's not perfect," Romeo said. "Although our family comes from the ghetto, we are not afraid to follow our dreams. We don't let negative people or negative media shadow our vision. My dad always told me that if you wanted to be good in basketball, you need to go to the gym and practice. If you want to be a good student, you need to pick up a book and study. And that's what I did."

He sure has. Over the weekend, his team beat out Arizona State. Rome's teammate Daniel Hackett hit the free throws with 42 seconds remaining, which led to the USC Trojan's 66-63 victory to win the Pac-10 tournament championship for the first time.

Romeo admits that college could be challenging, especially surrounded with peer pressure. People thought that he was crazy for choosing USC over UCLA, but not anymore. He and his teammates made history with their recent accomplishment. Fellow teammate, Demar Derozan, has proven why he is one of the best college basketball players in the country, winning most valuable player of the PAC-10 Tournament.

"When people tell me that I can't do something, it just makes me work harder at it. I started in the music business, but I'm not afraid of change," said Romeo of making the choice to go to college. "I realize that if I further my education, and work even harder in the gym, I could have the best of both worlds. One day, I could be a pro-athlete and one day I could own a Fortune 500 company."