Nivea Opens Up About The-Dream, Says Their Divorce Was Not Mutual

By Ronnie Gamble  |  03/05/2009

2009-03-05 - NiveaIt's been over a year since singer Nivea and The-Dream filed for divorce in 2007. While it seemed to be amicable, one party says that may not be in the case.

In an exclusive sit down with, 26-year-old Nivea opened up about her marriage and divorce with high profile singer/songwriter The Dream, opting to "tell the truth," as she put it.

"We're cool. It was a mutual agreement to call it quits," she said, before explaining, "I'm lying, it's not. We supposed to say that, but it's not true. It wasn't no mutual agreement, he wanted to do it, I didn't, but it's done. I'm dealing with it.

"... It just comes a time in your life when you battle back and forth and you try -- and I actually tried my best. When something's not working, it's just not gonna work. You're better off as just being friends, and just being parents to our children."

While the couple tried, Nivea says in the end, "You don't have to force something that's not there."

Later in the interview, she received a phone call, but was coy about who the person was on the other line, teasing cameras about the identity. However, in the editing of the video, RollingOut hinted at the caller possibly being Lil Wayne, who Nivea previously dated and has been rumored to have reconciled with.

At the end of the interview, Nivea returned the call, in which she repeatedly told the caller "I love you" and "I miss you."

The identity remains a mystery, but we all know who it was.

Aside from relationships, the singer discussed what she's been doing with her time off, explaining that she's been domestic acting as mommy for her daughter and twin boys, all of which were conceived with father The Dream.

"I've been popping them babies out," Nivea joked. "I had my daughter in 2005. Shortly thereafter, 11 months after, I had twin boys in 2006. So, I've been mommy for the past 2 1/2 years."

With the kids a little older now, Nivea is planning a comeback to music. While she didn't divulge much regarding new music, she made a pledge to her fans: "I damn near cry when I cut on the radio these days. I promise I'm finna bring some real singing, some real entertainment, some real music."

In 2002, Nivea's second single, "Don't Mess With My Man," off her self-titled debut because the biggest of her career. Her last album, Animalistic, but was shelved in the U.S. and only released in Japan.