50 Cent Says Rick Ross Is ‘Gusto From CB4′, Laughs Off Ross’ Sales Predictions

50 Cent50 Cent and Rick Ross continue to talk about their beef. While Ross has stated that he’ll outsell 50 Cent, Fiddy says that the Miami rapper will get “mauled” in a sales battle.

In an interview with MTV’s Mixtape Mondays, 50 questioned the entire beef with his southern peer, explaining that Rick Ross needs to plan his moves just a little bit better.

“Why is there a Rick Ross and 50 Cent [beef]?” the rapper asked. “It was just bad timing. It was publicity for his part why he jumped out there, but bad timing and no plan. He’s gonna get mauled. People are gonna look at it like, ‘Wow, that was like a Mike Tyson one-minute-and-thirty-second knockout. You didn’t make it past your second week’s sales.’ ”

Fiddy continued, claiming that Ross is gonna kill his own career without 50’s KO blow.

“When people get more publicity than they usually get — from an artist’s standpoint — and it has nothing to do with their music, what usually happens is you make the public totally aware of you,” the Queens native explained. “Which is good until the release date, and you see no one has bought your record. The public is totally aware you’re trash and your material’s not generating any interest. That’s when you do the damage to yourself, because you don’t want more publicity than your actual music is commanding.”

If you’ve been following the vlogs Ross has been posting, he’s continuously mocked 50’s style, and clothing, which 50 finds amusing. He poked fun at Ross’ style as well, and weight.

“He says things like he’s really stylish,” 50 said with a grin. “Gucci, they have a European cut that even I can’t get into a lot of times — so I’m sure there isn’t anything in the whole store he can fit in outside of a scarf or maybe a hat.

“It’s CB4. You ever seen the movie? He’s Gusto,” he added. “It never gets worse than this,” 50 added. “You get a guy that was a correctional officer come out and base his entire career on writing material from a drug dealer’s perspective. When he loses this [battle], he can’t even go back to his day job because the correctional officers are upset that you wanted to portray that message. He’s gonna work at the pizza shop when I’m done with him.”

Last Monday (February 23), Ross was confident that his constant attacks, freestyles and vlogs are crumbling 50’s empire. He also took the liberty of saying he’d sell 12 million copies of his forthcoming album Deeper Than Rap.

50’s response? “I thought that was the funniest thing he could come up with.”

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