Former XXL Head Elliott Wilson To Launch Hip-Hop Site

Elliott WilsonFormer XXL editor-in-chief Elliott Wilson, also known as YN, announced earlier this week the launch of a new website called, which he hopes will give other major hip-hop sites a run for their money.

Wilson led the helm at XXL for years, and helped the magazine usher in their presence on the internet via Along the way, he landed popular reality shows on VH1 — “The (White) Rapper Show” and “Miss Rap Supreme.” Even before his successful tenture at XXL, he was an experienced writer, boasting a clip sheet that saw his work published in mags like Vibe and Rolling Stone.

Now, with his own hip-hop site/blog, the hip-hop vet hopes to fill a “necessary void in the way hip-hop news, feature stories and content is covered and delivered online.” According to a press release, it will feature exclusive interview, videos, and barred commentary on news.

“You have to adapt to the times if you still want to be a music journalist in this climate,” Wilson explains. “With Rap Radar, I’ll be able to create some of my finest work. No one is as dedicated to documenting this culture as I am. This is not a job. It’s not even really a career. It’s my life.”

In early 2007, Wilson was terminated from his position as XXL’s editor-in-chief. While his departure was never really explained, he told us months later that he was just time for him to move on.

“I think the people think I should’ve been there [forever],” Wilson said. “I think it got to a point because of what I did and my persona, where people thought they could ever see a day that I wasn’t in that position. But that day has come and I moved on, and they moved on. I have nothing bad to say about them.”

At press time, a visit to resulting in this message: “down for maintenance.” It is slated to officially launch online on March 9th.

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