Rick Ross Refuses To Let 50 Cent Beef Die, Films Diss Video In New York

2009-02-19 - Rick RossWith his forthcoming album Deeper Than Rap nearly a month away, Rick Ross is taking the 50 Cent beef  as far as it can go as a form of free publicity, and has no qualms about it.

The Miami rapper recently headed to 50 Cent’s area, New York City, to film a brand new diss video, refusing to let the beef die out. In the video, titled “Kiss My Pinky Ring,” the Boss is seen in several clips walking freely around New York repeatedly calling Fiddy a “monkey,” questioning his sexuality, all while thanking him for the promotion.

“This monkey’s swagger-less. Thanks for the promotion, homo,” Rick Ross says in the video’s intro, before shouting out the March 24th release date of Deeper Than Rap.

“You’s a monkey, you orangutan / Locked up, yea, I heard they call you chang-a-lang / Undercover f**, slight homo / No steam, Jimmy got you doing promo / We laughing at ya ass / And you dress so bad, we be laughing at yo ass,” Ross spits on the song’s first verse.

As the video comes to a close, the rapper posts up on a New York street corner with pedestrians who all take turns dissing 50, while giving Ross shout outs.

“Listen man, [if] n****s ain’t f***in’ with the riders, then they ain’t f***ing with Ross,” a man said. “Ross let y’all n****s know man, he come to New York, he got the goons with him man. It’s New York. We go any borough, any time, like this, with a smile on our face, it’s nothing. Let’s get it.

“F*** 50, that n****’s a gorilla, son. Just like you f***ing said. Ricky Ross,” another man adds.

In another untitled diss track (via WSHH) leaked to the internet, Ross teams up with former G-Unit affiliate Bang Em Smurf where he continues to go at the G-Unit boss.

“305 M.I.A. Yayo to New York. Jamaica Queens, what it do? Ya’ll know what it is. We sonnin’ him. He’s my son,” Ross proclaims. “N****, you doing radio interviews, they don’t wanna listen to you, they wanna hear you talk about me, n****. You’s a monkey.

“Bang Em Smurf. Queens. Forever. I appreciate the hospitality. Ricky Ross. I’m buying a loft there now. I’m building a studio there now … You’re finished. We laughing at you guys. You n****s not gangstas at all. Stop playing yourselves,” he continued.

The beef is all leading up to the release of both rapper’s albums — Ross’ Deeper Than Rap and 50’s Before I Self-Destruct.

Ross told MTV recently that his forthcoming project would feature guest appearances by the likes of Lil Wayne, Mary J. Blige, and even New York veteran Nas.

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  1. Omg.! Man what’s the beef for these niggas are worst than these childish females at my school if yall gone box shid squabb’ but if not take ya shoes off ya teeth and quit running ya mouf unless u gone budge. -quit throwing sluggs and throw licks!

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