T.I. Says Obama Tax Raises Will Create Jobs

By Allen Starbury  |  02/14/2009

T.I.Rapper T.I. is doing well, financially, and has been for quite some time. With Barack Obama making major changes, in an attempt to turn around the nation's slumping economy, the rapper is behind him, even if he has to pay high taxes.

Obama plans to raise taxes for individuals making $250,000 or more a year. T.I. agrees with the move made by our first black President.

The rapper told CNSNews.com recently that through music and other avenues, even finance, those who are well off have the responsibility to help those less fortunate.

"I think, you know, to reach back to help those that can't help themselves," T.I. told the site recently. "I think with great reward comes great responsibility. Those of us who live above average have a responsibility to help those who live below average, whether it's through inspiration, through our time, through our funds, through our efforts, our energy -- have what we can."

The rapper said that although he'll pay more, it will help the economy, thus creating more jobs.

"I think it may create jobs, absolutely," he said. "I mean with more tax money, there will be more money there for government jobs to pay more employees."

In other T.I. news, the rapper has recently debuted a new reality show on MTV called "Road To Redemption," which documents his journey as he gears up for a one year jail sentence.

The eight-episode show follows the rapper as he honors probation commitments, promotes his latest album Paper Trail, and prepares for jail.

"I'm proud of ['Road to Redemption']," he told MTV News earlier this week. "We worked hard. It started in my house while I was in house arrest just as an idea. We didn't even know if I would leave my house to be able to do it. It just manifested, and I'm proud of it."