Busta Rhymes Clears Up Rumors Of Argument With Jimmy Iovine

Busta RhymesLate last year, Busta Rhymes was dropped from his deal with Interscope Records and headed for greener pastures over at Universal MoTown.

Initially, the rumor was that the veteran New York rapper had gotten into a heated argument with Interscope chairman, Jimmy Iovine, resulting in the dismissal. However, those rumors are exactly correct, Busta has admitted.

In a recent interview with Complex, the rapper said he and Iovine had a conversation over the ways promotion for his album — which at the time was to be titled Blessed — and the pair agreed that he needed to find a new home.

“Just for the record, there was no heated argument with me and Jimmy Iovine,” Busta explained. “When I realized that I wasn’t getting the things that I felt that I needed facilitated from the record company at the time, I set up a meeting to speak with Jimmy Iovine and we had a sit-down with each other.

“It was kind of a mutual agreement and a mutual understanding,” he continued. “And with that kind of support and understanding, I actually sing Jimmy Iovine’s praises because not only did he let me leave, but he let me leave with my album.”

His new album is titled Back On My B.S.. According to Busta, he couldn’t have recorded anything better than his new album at the present time.

“I can honestly say that it feels like this is the album that is the more appropriate body of work for defining this moment in time for me as a man, for me as an artist, and also for the state of the music as far as hip-hop is concerned,” he explained. “With that being said, I don’t think that I could have made a better album for this time frame, whether or not you feel it’s my best album, I’m going to leave that up to you.”

Back On My B.S. is set for March 24th.

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