Soulja Boy Speaks On Home Invasion For First Time

Soulja BoyAt the end of December, Soulja Boy was robbed after masked men stormed his Atlanta home. While its been confirmed, the teen rapper and his label have refused to release any details regarding the incident.

For the first time, via an interview on Los Angeles’ Power 106 morning show with Big Boy, Soulja Boy revealed his recount of the unfortunate events.

“Basically I was at my crib. I had my album release party at my club that night. I got back to my house at around 3 in the morning,” the rapper said. “I was in the studio recording. Two of my homeboys was in the living room, and me and Arab was in the studio recording. Somebody kicked in the door. One dude ran in, put the AK to my homeboy head, put him to the floor. The other two ran in, and my homeboy jumped in the other room.

“The other two dudes ran by, and I peeped out the door, and I see they running through my house with Ks and pistols. I ducked back…” he continued.

That’s where the young rapper’s story ends though. He still remains tight-lipped about what, if anything, was taken from his home. Soulja Boy explained that because of his young fan base, he doesn’t want to divulge any further information.

“I really don’t wanna dwell on the entire situation, because of my career and my music is pointed towards the kids,” said Soulja Boy. “I don’t wanna give them that bad image on what actually went down.”

Right now, the rapper is just happy he and his friends walked away unharmed.

“It was a messed up situation, but I’m glad everybody made it out alive,” he concluded.

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