2009-01-26- World At WarWhile Treyarch, Call Of Duty: World At War, has received mixed reviews of its spin-offs of the Call Of Duty in the past, they’ve seemed to have done an excellent job with this latest version.

The sales of the last series’ release, Modern Warfare, helped the title hit all-time highs, due to its direction into modern day. With this said, it didn’t seem to make sense to take the series back to wars of the past. But they did, taking gamers back to World War II.

Despite the immediate gripe, they’ve packed a lot of new weapons and game modes into World At War, and the result is an action-packed game sure to keep gamers busy for hours on end. That is, until Call of Duty 5 hits stores.

Call of Duty is known for its awesome single player campaign modes — making combat fun, yet making sure players use strategic tactics to accomplish missions. The environments, as well as the people and characters you interact with, and weapons are usually put together quite nicely. The team does a great job at recreating these elements with detail for historical realism, and World At War follows suit with their attempt as well.

For this new title, you find yourself at the end of World War II, playing on two different fronts. First, there is the Pacific front, playing as Marine Private Miller; and the second is behind the Red Army’s Private Petrenko, as the Russians try to clear Berlin of the Nazis. While some could argue that both campaigns are not needed, its nice to be led through the end of the war from two very different perspectives. Despite shuttling back and forth between both campaigns, the overall single player experience is fun, whether you’re playing by yourself or, this time, playing with three other friends co-operatively (which is always a good time).

2009-01-26 - World At War

During co-operative campaigns, there is added competitive element to it, thanks to score keeping. Players can get bonuses for stringing kills together (it’s always fun to outscore a friend in a competitive battle). However, whether you’re playing with one or two other players, the game is designed mostly the same way as past versions.

The added weapons are cool too. Thanks to the ability to play in different locations (Japan and through Germany) players get the added bonuses of using entirely different weapons, and you’ll find your faves along the way. One new addition is the flamethrower, and it’s by far, one of the best and most fun to use. Gadgets, however, are minimal, due to the time period of the game. Aside from grenades, you have the opportunity for the occasion air strike.

2009-01-26 - World At War

After the campaign, the makers added a Nazi zombies mini-game, where you and your comrades are trapped in a building underseige by scary walking dead. While it begins a little slow, things get hectic quickly, as you and your computer-assisted war buddies — or with others, via multi-player — try to keep the windows boarded up while having to watch your back every step of the way.

While the gameplay for this first-person shooter is much like its predecessors — unpredictable gunfights and enemies coming from nowhere — and feels like them as well, the game’s A.I. is a problem. During an engaging battle, you’ll notice that enemies lock onto one target blindly, ignoring everyone else. So at times, you can come right up behind an enemy and shoot them without them even noticing you. The same goes for your brothers-in-arms as well. Sometimes your comrades are standing feet away from an enemy who is killing your other friends, and not even acknowledge them. It can make things a little frustrating at times, to say the least.

The graphics are on point, keeping with the quality of the series, and the sound is as well.

2009-01-26 - World At War

With World War II being a familiar setting for gamers, World At War is quite simply one of the best options. The single player is intense, keeping gamers on their toes all the way through, and the co-operative play is engaging.

It’s definitely a quality addition to your gaming library, and if you’re a World War II buff, there’s not too many other shooters that can beat Call Of Duty 4, or World At War.

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5