M.I.A. Excited About Oscar Nomination

M.I.A.Although some are disappointed by some of the recently announced Oscar nominations, others are ecstatic.

UK rapper M.I.A., who experienced widespread success last year thanks to a little track called “Paper Planes,” was nominated for Best Song in a movie for her song “O… Saya” off the popular film “Slumdog Millionaire.”

The rapper is humbled by the recognition.

“This is a great honor. Thank you to all the people who are supporting us and the making of a real story of a slumdog millionaire,” M.I.A. told Rolling Stone recently. “Maybe I can afford to book Dave Chappelle at the baby shower now. Thank you again; My mum wants everyone to know what wonderful news this is for her.”

M.I.A., who is pregnant and due the night of the Grammys (February 8), is contemplating a performance of the track at the 81st Annual Academy Awards on 22nd in Los Angeles.

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