Barack Obama Musical To Debut In London

By Allen Starbury  |  01/21/2009

Barack ObamaOur recently sworn in 44th president is slated to be the main subject of a new musical that will premiere in London, entitled "Obama On My Mind."

According to, the upcoming musical will feature the book, music and lyrics of UK-based American writer Teddy Hayes, and will open in March.

It celebrates the election and inauguration of America's first black president, with a humorous look at the "weird and wonderful world" behind the scenes of a small Obama campaign office and the characters who "make the wheels turn, the cogs whirr and bring in the votes."

It will also feature a mixture of music -- ranging from pop, gospel, jazz and soft rock -- and 11 different personalities, all who strive to get Obama into office.

"The process of electing a President is very different from Britain," Hayes said in a statement. "It's a long 15-month campaign with a lot of back-biting and conflict, as the campaign impacts on personal lives and vice versa."

The writer says he was inspired to write the show by the prospect of "his man" winning.

"Obama On My Mind" is directed by Tim McArthur, responsible for the musical staging, with musical direction by Chris Jerome.

Casting in the musical will be announced in the near future, but soul singer Ruby Turner has recorded its title track, which can be heard on the show's website.

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