Soulja Boy Robbed At Gunpoint In His Atlanta Home?

Soulja BoyTeen rapper Soulja Boy may have been robbed at gunpoint earlier this week at his home in Atlanta. However, reports are still unconfirmed.

Via text messages on the rapper’s official Twitter page, he left an ATL night club “zooted” at around 11:30 p.m. on Monday (December 29). Then hours later, the next day, two more texts popped up, stating robbers kicked in his door, and almost took his life.

“Thanking God for my life,” Soulja Boy’s Twitter message read. “Six n****z kicked in my door and tried to kill me.”

“Glad we alive, they had AKs and pistols and tried to kidnap my boy Jbar,” another message read later that afternoon.

Later Tuesday evening (December 30), the messages mysteriously disappeared, and the teen rapper hasn’t addressed the alleged attack as of press time.

Ever since the shocking messages, the rumor has popped up on several gossip sites. Then on New Year’s Eve, two masked men posted a viral video (via Bossip), claiming responsibility for the crime. However, the men claimed that they were the only two robbers and not six, as Soulja Boy originally said. They also said that only one pistol was used, and not AK-47s.

In the video, the two men boast of monitoring the young rapper’s movements, attending his album release party, and then following him by to his home.

While the video was first met with skepticism by online fans, a rep for Soulja Boy confirmed to AllHipHop that an incident did take place. However, no further information was released, other than stating that the crime is “a serious situation.”

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