David Banner Heals The Hood In His Home State Mississippi

David BannerSouthern rapper David Banner returned to his home in Mississippi for his annual Heal The Hood toy drive benefiting the less fortunate.

According to local news station WLBT, the rapper has been traveling throughout his native hometown of Jackson, where he visited local families with gifts for the whole family.

Previous years, the program was more for the kids, but this year, he teamed up with Big Brothers and Big Sisters and helped entire families.

“The years before we were doing a lot for the children, but then we saw once we walked in the houses that there were a lot more needs that needed to be taken care of. So now we’re doing for families,” said Banner.

With a caravan that includes a truck, SUV and cars, Banner is serving as the town’s modern day Santa sleigh, equipped with games, DVDs, books and more.

Along for the ride, WLBT witnessed the gratitude and emotion some of the families expressed when Banner showed up at their doorstep.

“We’re from New Orleans, and we’re just finally trying to get ourselves together. I’m a single mom, and I really didn’t have a lot of money to get these kids nothing. Oh my God, it’s such a blessing,” 43-year-old Jacqueline Carter, who lives with her two children, said regarding the rapper’s holiday kindness.

Her teenage daughter, who is a David Banner fan, was also just as moved as her mother. “I’m just happy. I guess excited,” she said, while fanning herself.

Banner shared hugs, gave out presents, and then headed off to the next family.

In other David Banner news, the rapper is set to perform for troops in Iraq and attend President-Elect Barack Obama’s inauguration in January.

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