Travis BarkerMusician Travis Barker filed a lawsuit on Friday (November 21) against the companies linked to the plane that crashed in South Carolina in September, injuring him, DJ AM, and killing two friends.

According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit claims that the companies — which include Bombardier Inc. (makers of the Learjet), Clay Lacy Aviation (jet-charter company), and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company — improperly operated and maintained the Learjet that overshot a runway and burst into flames, as he and others were departing for Los Angeles.

The crash killed Barker’s assistant and friend, Chris Baker, and Barker’s bodyguard, Charles Monroe Still Jr., as well as two pilots.

Barker is seeking damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of earnings, and medical and legal expenses. Still’s mother, Thelma Martin Still, joined Barker in the lawsuit and is suing the companies for damages including grief and sorrow, funeral expenses and loss of earnings.

Barker had performed with celebrity disc jockey, DJ AM, the night of the crash, and were returning to Los Angeles.

In a statement given to the , Goodyear spokesman Ed Markey said it was “unfortunate” the suit was filed before the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation was finalized.

“While the tires may have been involved, it is too early to speculate on a cause,” said Markey. “The performance of the tire is dependent on how the tire was used, if it was properly maintained and whether it was damaged before the accident.”

Since the crash, Barker seems to be recovering quickly. He made his first televised appearance on “Total Finale Live” last week, in which he revealed that he’s back to making music, and is feeling better everyday.