2008-11-20 - T-Pain's new album Thr33 RingzTeen country singer, Taylor Swift, captures the no. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 this week, knocking out T-Pain’s hope of sitting at the throne.

Two others did as well, as T-Pain’s newest effort, Thr33 Ringz, landed at no. 4 in its debut week, selling just 167,000 copies, despite the popularity of his single with Lil Wayne, titled “You Can’t Believe It.”

Down the line, at no. 9, is Christina Aguileras newest project, Keeps Gettin’ Better, which sold 73,000 copies, exclusively through Target, to open.

Falling from no. 7 to 10 this week is T.I.’s Paper Trail, taking a 10% decline with 62,000 copies sold this week. He’s sold just under 1.2 million since its release.

John Legend’s Evolver sat down at no. 12 with nearly 50,000 units scanned, as he nears 260,000 copies sold to date.

And at no. 13 is Seal’s R&B covers album, Soul, recording 45,000 copies sold.

Much later down the line, the Jedi Mind Trick’s opened at no. 169, with just 4,000 copies sold of their brand new album, A History Of Violence.

According to Billboard.com, album sales this week are up 26.8% from last week with 8.9 million units, but down 24% from the same week last year (11.72 million).