Josh X-an-tusWell, I’m not sure if I’m quite a celebrity yet, but I am definitely enjoying the excitement that comes with having a hot single on radio with Jadakiss and a new album out early 2009. Partying in New York City with some of the hottest celebrities in music and entertainment is awesome. Walking into Diddy’s event or partying with the Simmons fam, hitting the red carpet with Busta Rhymes, or walking past Nas to get into the entrance of an album release party is something that most people dream about.

Walking the red carpet for the first time was scary for sure. Lights flashing, hearing your name called in every direction, and the inevitable interview are a lot to get used to, but after my first handful of times on the red carpet, I now embrace the power of the paparazzi to help you publicize yourself and show your personality in 30 seconds or less to those reading blogs or magazines who might be interested in hearing more on my story and album. Johnny Nunez, one of the world’s best photographers, always shows me love by making sure my photo gets serviced on WireImage and other online mediums for entertainment news.

The club scene is another beast. I’ve had the opportunity to host and perform at several of New York City’s top nightclubs and hope to continue performing “Let’s Ride,” across the country. Going to the clubs is where I have the chance to connect with DJs and fans alike in one setting where everyone can connect with me with my music period, leaving aside the other distractions that can come with being an artist. Some of my favorite spots in NYC are: Guest House, Suzy Wong’s, Taj, and you can’t forget the strip club love at Sue’s Rendezvous in Mount Vernon!

With the holidays coming up, I look forward to bringing in the New Year with fans and supporters, as I continue to hit up nightclubs and celebrity events, in celebration of “Let’s Ride” and in preparation of 2009’s release of Can I Live. Please continue to check for, “Let’s Ride,” on your local radio.

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Thanks to Baller Status for this opportunity and all the fans out there.