Snoop DoggThe California wildfires that have spreading throughout So Cal through the weekend have resulted in the evacuation of many families who have been in the fires’ paths. Rapper Snoop Dogg was one of them, and his family was forced to leave their home Sunday (November 16), as the fires neared his community.

According to E!, the rapper’s family and staff were among 26,000 people who were ordered to evacuate on Sunday, due to uncontrollable blazes around his hillside community east of Los Angeles, that has already scorched more than 10,000 acres.

“My family had to be evacuated. It’s right in the area of where I live in, so I’m just praying for everybody, hopefully rain, and that firefighters get it done trying to bring an end,” Snoop told E!.

The rapper owns a multimillion dollar home in the Country Estates in Diamond Bar, California.

Despite the possibility of losing their home, Snoop said his family is “cool” and are seeking shelter with other relatives.

Snoop was not home at the time of the evacuation.

At press time, it was unclear, if the fires had reached his home.