Katt Williams Comedian Katt Williams tried to check into a hotel in Sumter, South Carolina on Friday morning (November 14) wearing a bathrobe, which prompted the motel clerk to call the police.

In an interview with Local news channel WIC, clerk Marion Donning said she thought something was wrong with the comedian called the police. The female clerk said Williams came in, wearing a bathrobe, wanting to check into a room for a couple of days. But, when she asked for his ID, he acted rather oddly.

“And when I asked for his ID, he stared to look in his pockets and couldn’t find his ID,” Donning said, adding she had no idea who he was.

The comedian was trying to check into the Mt. Vernon Hotel at around 8:30 a.m., but wasn’t able to because he had no ID. He then went outside to a black SUV, and returned with another man.

“I told him he would be responsible for him,” Donning explained to the other man. “And at that time the gentleman in the bathrobe said, ‘Well I make $20 million year, and you’re trying to take responsibility for me?'”

The clerk said Williams than started to lose his composure, and in footage from the hotel, you can see Williams squatting by the door.

“I just wondered if he was alright,” she said.

Williams and the other man both left without checking into the hotel.

According to the news channel, Sumter County deputies said that around noon, Williams showed up to the law office of Garrell Deas about two blocks away from the motel. Police picked up the comedian as a part of a probate court order by the court to drive him to the hospital for a mental evaluation, after the comedian’s family told a judge they were worried about his mental health.

He was in town visiting a relative said reports.

At press time, there was no word yet if Williams was still at the Tuomey Regional Medical Center.