2008-08-27 -Suge KnightSuge Knight was officially charged in the August assault of his girlfriend in Las Vegas recently, as the Clark County Justice Court charged the former hip-hop mogul with three crimes.

According to a report from TMZ.com, Knight was hit with two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance — for ecstasy and hydrocodone — and a misdemeanor battery charge.

The charges stem from an August 27 arrest, when police were called after Knight and his girlfriend got into an argument while driving near the Las Vegas Strip, which resulted in Knight hitting a curb and stopping. After which the two got into a physical altercation, and when police arrived, Knight was standing over his longtime girlfriend with a knife in his hand.

“This was apparently Marion Knight’s girlfriend that was riding with him in his car at the time. She started punching him while in the car (he was the driver and she was the passenger). In an effort to escape she grabbed the steering wheel and steered it to the curb. That’s when she got out of the car and tried to run and he caught up to her,” said Las Vegas Lt. Chris Carroll told KLAS-TV at the time of arrest.

At press time, a court date at which he would face the charges was not known.