2008-11-14 - UFC 91Popular UFC phenom, Brock Lesnar, took the heavyweight title from veteran Randy Couture Saturday (November 15) in Las Vegas, winning a second round TKO when he continuously pounded Couture while his back was to the mat.

In just his fourth pro fight, newcomer Lesnar simply overwhelmed the 45-year-old Couture after landing a straight right that sent him to the canvas.

Lesnar pounced immediately, and although the ref gave Couture sufficient time to recover, several hammerfists were too much, resulting in the stoppage at 3:07.

“It sounds really good,” Lesnar said after being introduced as the new heavyweight champion. “I can’t believe it…. I just believe in hard work and it pays off.”

As a MMA fighter, Lesnar improved to 3-1, and gained the UFC heavyweight championship.

Couture, however, fell to 16-9. Following the fight the MMA vet said he felt comfortable with the match, and declined to attribute the loss to ring rust despite being off for more than a year.

“I felt good,” he said. “He’s just a big guy. He caught me with a big shot.”

“I don’t think rust was a factor at all … those are some big ass ham hocks, and it’s hard to get out of the way of those,” Couture continued, in front of a hometown crowd.

Couture was not sure about his future in the sport when asked if he’d go on fighting or drop in weight class, saying, “I don’t know.”

On the undercard, Kenny Florian earned the no. 1 contender spot in the lightweight division with a win over former title challenger Joe Stevenson. Florian dominated with a first-round submission win over former title challenger Joe Stevenson.

Early in the fight Stevenson charged in with punches and followed them with a takedown attempt. But, Florian was able to peel Stevenson’s hold on his legs and restart in the center of the cage. Soon after, it was Florian that lifted Stevenson up into the air and slammed him to the ground, landing in side control, and then took control, moving to a knee on stomach position before sliding into the full mount and unleashing punches on Stevenson’s head. Stevenson turned to defend but gave up his back and soon Florian had a rear naked choke sunk in, making Stevenson tap moments later.

Now, Florian has rightfully earned a shot at the title, and let that be known after the match was over. “I wanted to make a statement,” Florian said afterwards. “I want BJ’s belt!”