2008-11-12 - Snoop FatherhoodThis upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, Snoop Dogg and his family will return to E! for the second season premiere of their hit series, “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood,” on Sunday, November 30.

In this season’s first episode, Snoop will show his son Spank some tough love when he sets him straight about not taking quarterback camp seriously, threatening to take him home if he doesn’t get it together. But not everything is so serious at camp. Snoop gets to feel like a kid again and barely contains his excitement when he spends some time chatting with legendary players and fellow football dads, Jerry Rice and Joe Montana, while their kids run drills.

Meanwhile back at home, Boss Lady (aka his wife Shante) longs to bring a little more fun to the household by adding to their menagerie of pets. Faced with the issue of where to house them all, she contemplates having a barn built on their property, much to Choc’s surprise.

Also on this upcoming season, Snoop will be traveling. The rapper visits Amsterdam, one of his favorite cities in the world. Mixing business with pleasure, he travels to Vegas as well with Ed Hardy’s Christian Audigier to promote “Rich & Infamous,” his new clothing line. While having dinner at his Vegas hotel, he only half-jokingly suggests a fried chicken and waffle dish be named after him to honor his favorite meal. And against his better judgment, Snoop is persuaded to put on a crash helmet and take a wild ride on desert dirt track in a souped-up dune buggy and lives to tell the tale. Later in the season, Snoop finds himself in a fast car again, when he competes against actor and comedian David Spade in a celebrity car race. Convinced he’ll finish with an easy victory, Snoop soon finds out there’s nothing funny about Spade’s driving.

Other celebrities who show up in the lives of the Broadus clan include Roy Jones Jr, who helps Snoop shape up; chef Kerry Simon, who helps Boss Lady learn healthy cooking; and many others.

“Father Hood” premieres at 10:30 pm ET/PT, on Sunday, the weekend after Thanksgiving.