Tony Yayo50 Cent’s right hand man and G-Unit brethren, Tony Yayo, has been flooding the streets with new music as of late, including new mixtapes, available on

While on a promo run, doing several interviews, the original G-Unit member has been open about several topics and hasn’t held back when asked about former running mates, Buck and the Game.

In a recent interview on DJ Kay Slay’s Shade45 satellite radio show, Yayo explained that he’s had enough of all the trash talking and warned both rappers that when they run into each other, he promises a physical confrontation.

“This n****s is soft to me, and irrelevant to me. Put it like this, if we see each other, I guarantee it’ll make the newspaper,” the rapper told Kay Slay on the air. “If I bump heads with [Young] Buck or Game, I guarantee it’s gonna make the newspaper. Believe that. It’s not gonna be no ifs, ands, or maybes. It’s just gonna be movies made.

“I know n****s ain’t tough. When n****s start disrespecting me, telling me to suck they d*** and fa****, talking sh** about my moms. I don’t play that,” Yayo continued when asked to why.

Yayo went on to discuss Young Buck’s relevance in the hip-hop industry since being booted from the G-Unit inner circle, claiming that the Tennessee rapper’s run in hip-hop has ended, and no one can save him.

“Blue, whatever this fa**** ass n**** manager is now, is under the impression that he can get some money with Buck, but Buck is finished. Blow the dust bunnies off that n****’s album,” said Yayo. “[Buck] got a wack ass manager. He still owe 50 like three albums. Matter a fact, he’s in a more f***ed up situation … Game is aight. Game … 50 got a percent off his album, whatever. … The n**** Buck is f***ed up though. You owe 50 like … you can’t do nothing.

The New York rapper claims that Buck continues to be financially strapped for cash, and that his only business deals over the past couple years were miniscule compared to the deals he or 50 have landed.

“His watch deal is corny. That sh** wasn’t about nothing. His Sony Red deal (for Cashville Records) was for about 75 grand, and he used that to pay his bills,” Yayo revealed. “He couldn’t even pay the artists. Nobody signed to him. I don’t think The Outlawz or none of them n****s signed to him ’cause he took the $75,000 and he was backed up on the mortgage dog.

“50 was giving you the finances you needed,” he continued. “Now, you wanna go say I’m a d*** rider. I’ve never been no d***rider. 50 my n****, I just ride or die. All n****s do in this rap game is back bite and smile in each other face. Yayo is the real deal. Sh** is corny.”

Yayo claims his loyalty to 50 Cent is unfazed by industry politics because he still remembers when the two originally formulated their plan to break into the music industry.

“I think about what I didn’t have. That’s what keep me grounded and level. I always go to the hood and think about what I didn’t have,” he said.

Tony Yayo’s most recent mixtape, titled S.O.D., is available for free download at A new tape, titled Black Friday, will hit the internet this month.