2008-11-10 - Nina SkyAs musical duo Nina Sky prepare their forthcoming album The Musical, Natalie of the group has teamed up with designer Erin Magee for a creation for her MadeMe clothing line.

To help introduce MadeMe’s 2008 Holiday Collection, Erin and Natalie collaborated on an exclusive tee. Pulling inspiration from Natalie’s strong musical background, the designer flipped her MadeMe logo to be written out in graffiti style musical notes, unifying both fashion and music.

“[Erin] said ‘Let’s do a collaboration on a shirt. I want it to reflect your personality.’ We wrote MadeMe in music notes. That’s how it came about” Natalie explained of how the pair hooked up. “My favorite shirt is the white one.”

The **NA SKY tee, as it’s called, is available in three different colorways — black, white and purple.

For more information on the tee, visit MadeMeClothing.com.

In addition to the t-shirt, the twin sisters also designed a New Era fitted hat to accompany the release of their album, expected early next year. Both Nina Sky girls are very excited about their fashion projects.

“We designed a fitted for New Era, which is cool because people associate New Era with males and we’re females doing our own take on that, so it’s dope,” Natalie told BallerStatus.com in a recent interview. “We’re excited about that too. It’s supposed to be coming out when our album comes out, so hopefully at the top of year.”