Pam RodriguezIf you haven’t heard of Pam Rodriguez, you have to be sleeping under a rock. The half Puerto Rican and Guatemalan beauty has already starred in videos for the likes of Kanye West, Pitbull, Twista and Daddy Yankee, while also gracing the pages of major publications like KING, FHM, Smooth and Black Men. But not everything about the Los Angeles native is like one would think.

According to Rodriguez, she is more of a tomboy than the average model. As evidenced by her comic book themed website (, the girl with 34C-22-37 measurements is heavily into the comic book world. “My two favorite characters are Wonder woman and Storm,” states the 25-year-old Rodriguez. While the comic books keep her entertained, she is also working hard on her own “exotic” bikini line (which also means less clothing).

Amidst her photoshoots, videos and comic book readings, Rodriguez was able to sit down with BallerStatus to dissect her comic book fetish, discuss why she hasn’t posed for Playboy, and how the early 90s television show “Saved By The Bell” holds a special place in her heart. So give us a little background about yourself?

Pam Rodriquez: Well I have been in a couple of videos. I was in Kanye West’s “Workout Plan,” and I was the lead girl in Pitbull and Twista’s “Hit The Floor”. I have also done some background stuff for Daddy Yankee as well. In terms of publications, I have been in FHM Philippines, FHM Mexico, FHM US and UK. I have been on the cover of Low Rider and Open Your Eyes magazines. I have also done KING magazine, Smooth magazine and Black Men magazine. I also have my own calendar for 2008. And I have more that I can’t remember. You’re everywhere. Now it’s tough to call … so what’s your nationality?

Pam Rodriquez: I am Puerto Rican and Guatemalan. And where do you reside?

Pam Rodriquez: I was born and raised in Los Angeles And how old are you?

Pam Rodriquez: 25. I started modeling when I was 21. So how did you get into modeling?

Pam Rodriquez: My modeling career started randomly. I was heading to a club and I was being asked to join a Hawaiian Tropics bikini pageant. I ended up doing it, became a finalist and went to Hawaii, and I won the Ms. Hawaiian Tropic Latina Pageant. From there, I met a lot of people who told me I was too short for runway modeling, but that I could do “urban” modeling. From there, I did car shows like DUB and Hot Import Nights, and it kicked off from there. Your website is very cartoon or comic book based. What’s the deal with that?

Pam Rodriquez: Well, ever since I was 9 years old, I was collecting comic books. My fans always ask me what I like and what my hobbies are. I actually collect Hot Wheel cars and comics. I’m more of a boyish kind of style. So in doing my website, I wanted a comic theme and it all really started as a little girl. My two favorite characters are Wonder Woman and Storm. So you’re a sexy tomboy?

Pam Rodriquez: Not really a tomboy, but I do like stuff that not a lot of girls like. a.k.a Tomboy. So what else do you have coming up?

Pam Rodriquez: I have an MTV reality show coming up. I also am working on a 2009-2010 calendar that I’m shooting in either Italy or the Bahamas. I’m working on a television show for Univision, doing celebrity interviews. Lastly I have a feature role in “The Fast & The Furious 4,” which comes out next year. So you can’t model forever. What’s your goals after?

Pam Rodriquez: My goal is to have done all the modeling I can do. I am currently a designer of my own bikini line. In a couple years, I am hoping to manage a couple girls that I know and help them get to where they want to go. I also am doing acting and television and would like to become a big time actress. Now I’ve seen your bikini line and it’s a very sexy line with little actual clothing, how do you get the style for them?

Pam Rodriquez: Well I like to call it “the exotic style.” I designed them along with my mom. We’re in the process of having them manufactured in China. It’s basically something I’m doing myself. If you go to Europe pretty much girls wear thongs, so I want that exotic look. And it’s affordable too! Speaking of little clothing, I saw you hosted a Playboy party, would you ever consider doing a nude shoot?

Pam Rodriquez: No. I wouldn’t do it. It has been offered to me a couple times, but the money is not where it needs to be for me to be fully nude. What do you usually get complimented on the most?

Pam Rodriquez: When a guy comes up to me they usually compliment me about my small waist and my big butt. My waist is my favorite asset. What’s been the most interesting way a guy has approached you?

Pam Rodriquez: Well once, a guy and all his friends made shirts that said “got Pam?” I thought it was really funny and it was very unique. It was a different approach. How has it been working in a male dominated industry?

Pam Rodriquez: Overall I’ve had a good experience. You have to have thick skin for it. My experiences have been great. I’ve been able to have a good career with it. And you have a female manager. Do you feel it’s better that way?

Pam Rodriquez: Definitely. I had been proposed to be managed by a male, but I think it’s usually tense. Some of them have tried to get with me. You typically hear, “If you want to get somewhere, you have to give something”. It’s kind of like blackmail. In having a female manager, I feel way more comfortable and I feel like business is being taken care of. We’re on top of it together. It’s good like this. How do you feel about dating rappers, athletes, etc?

Pam Rodriquez: I haven’t really dated a celebrity myself. I have heard bad stories about it though. So regular guys out there have a chance?

Pam Rodriquez: Yes. My boyfriend’s regular, he’s hoping to be a pro baseball player. So I guess you’re not single, damn!

Pam Rodriquez: (laughs) So what do you look for in a guy?

Pam Rodriquez: I look for someone who’s real to themselves, someone who makes me laugh, understands my career, and who I am as a person. And the major turnoffs?

Pam Rodriquez: Someone who’s cocky and thinks that money can buy everything. And I see a lot of that! Growing up did you have any secret celebrity crushes?

Pam Rodriquez: Mario Lopez! I’ve met him before. I always had a crush on him since the “Saved By The Bell” days. I told him when I met him too. He had a girlfriend, but I had to tell him. Do you have any secret talents or hobbies?

Pam Rodriquez: I actually like Texas Hold’em Poker. I’m a poker freak. You any good?

Pam Rodriquez: Yes, I’m really good! So you have been traveling right?

Pam Rodriquez: Yes, I’m heading to Australia for a car show. It’s pretty much the first ever car show they’re doing in Australia. They’re doing one in Melbourne and Sydney. I’m one of the feature models for it and also doing a television show for it. What’s the coolest place you’ve traveled to?

Pam Rodriquez: Brazil by far. It was so gorgeous, tropical and the people are beautiful. Everything about it was beautiful. Have you had any photoshoot horror stories?

Pam Rodriquez: Well I was heading to the Bahamas, but there was a hurricane there. We pretty much couldn’t even shoot the whole time I was there. By the end, we didn’t shoot one picture. So what do you think it takes to be a cover girl for one of these magazines?

Pam Rodriquez: Well it takes a lot. I used to think it was easy, but it’s not. Sometimes it depends on the editor and whether he likes you or not. It can also depend when you send your pictures in and the timing. How do you feel about the saying “You have to sleep your way to the top?”

Pam Rodriquez: I don’t think it’s true. Of course it happens, but I don’t think it’s true. It hasn’t been for myself, I’ve just had to work hard. I’m taking my time and definitely enjoying what I’m doing.

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