Bishop LamontAftermath Entertainment recording artist, Bishop Lamont, recently offered some disparaging comments toward former labelmate The Game for what he calls “hating” on the Compton rapper’s part.

In a recent interview with, Bishop attacked Game for dissing him during a recent radio interview after burying the hatchet with the rapper the night prior.

According to Bishop, he and other up-and-coming West Coast rappers were partying at the same venue in Texas as The Game recently — Game was throwing his own party downstairs, while Bishop was hanging out upstairs for a friend’s birthday party. Later in the evening, he says Game came upstairs, got onstage, and called for him. That followed by the rapper giving Bishop a shoutout and called it a “West Coast moment.”

Bishop was surprised, but says he accepted because he’s about unity for his coast. Something that’s been absent for quite some time.

“[Game] come upstairs, I get right to the front of the stage like ‘What’s happening?’ Cause all this riff raff and talking bad, we trying to show love … ‘What is it my n****?’ ” Bishop explained. “His eyes get big, he call me onstage — ‘Aww Bishop Lamont, it’s all love. It’s a West Coast moment. Glasses Malone, I see you. Get on stage.’

“We all get on stage. As soon as we get on stage, it’s like we all good. It’s all love. I’m trying to push that line, but is it really that? He like ‘It’s all love. That’s the past. We rolling together.’ Everybody all smiles.”

Despite the show of love, the Dr. Dre signee says Game dissed him the very next day.

“Next day on the radio, he dissing me. He’s dissing Glasses,” the rapper said. ” ‘I’m the king of L.A. Yall nothing. Stay in my shadows. I tell you when to blow up.’ Don’t shake my hand, and do some fake stuff. You don’t wanna get your ass beat.

“The n**** is fraudulent like that and phony. That’s how she’s gonna be. That’s how that girl is. We gonna get into it, and it’s gone be what it’s gone be. He’s a little girl and I can only deal with her like a girl, like a daddy should and discipline his little girl and get him right,” Bishop continued.

Bishop called Game’s antics “hating,” explaining that the rapper doesn’t want any other West Coast rapper, but himself, to succeed — a pattern that has been going on since Game originally signed with Dre, Bishop says.

“Babygirl don’t wanna unify with other fly dudes out here on the West Coast. She wants to keep everybody under her. He don’t want anyone else bubbling,” Bishop said. “Whenever everybody signed, and about to blow up, then she got an issue with them. She wanna hate on em.”

Bishop Lamont and The Game haven’t been on good terms for quite some time. In a mixtape track leaked to the internet over a year ago, titled “The Funeral (100 Bars),” Game dedicated half a verse to Bishop.

“Like Q in Juice, I’m coming for Bishop / I’m gunning for Bishop / I’m the king of this L.A. sh** / Tell me homie, is you Blood or Crip? Is you thug or bitch? / Cos the esses say, They don’t never see holmes running round L.A. / Fake ass ghostwriter, get your lil’ flow tighter / ‘for I put you in the trunk of this f***ing lowrider,” Game spits on the track.

During the time of the diss, Bishop didn’t respond at the request of Dr. Dre. This time, though, the rapper says it’s time for the Game to “be disciplined” for his actions. However, he stressed that there’s no real beef.

“I ain’t gonna do nothing to dude,” said Bishop. “I love his momma, I love his sister, [and] I love his brother. He’s scary as it is. He need a good ass whoppin, that’s about it.

“Babygirl is just disrespectful, and it’s about time people put him in his place. I’mma put him in his place. I’m gonna put him in his place ’cause he wanna play them games,” he added.

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