KelisRumors have been circulating the internet over the past few days that claim that singer Kelis is the newest celebrity in the mist of a sex tape scandal.

According to a report by Bossip’s, a man who allegedly filmed Kelis naked has confirmed that he previously slept with the singer.

New York based radio shock jock, Wendy Williams, first sparked the rumors when she claimed, on her show, that she had obtained a copy of the alleged tape. However, Williams did not offer any names of who the star of the tape was. She said it stars a female R&B singer with a man other than her husband.

LiveSteez reports that the tape shows a man filming a naked Kelis as she sleeps following their sexual encounter. The man is rumored to be rapper Infared.

In an interview with Hip Hop Weekly, the rapper confirmed a one-nighter with Kelis, but did not reveal anything about a tape.

“I knew Kelis in the hip hop world, and from clubbin’, hanging out,” Infared told the mag. “I heard that [sex tape] rumor. I don’t know [if she was married’. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.”

So far, no tape has leaked. Right now, this is strictly a rumor.