Lupe FiascoAlthough he recently told MTV that his third and rumored-to-be final album was on hold while he focuses on releases from his 1st & 15th label, Lupe Fiasco gave fans a few details about his last foray in hip-hop, tentively titled LupeEND.

During a show in Chicago on Halloween, the rapper revealed that his last album would be longer in length than normal — three discs long.

“The name of the next album is LupEND. That’s Lup E.N.D.,” Lupe told the crowd. “So, if my mathematics serve me correct from a fabulous Chicago public school system, it’s not one album ladies and gentlemen … it’s three.”

He followed by explaining what the E.N.D. acronym stood for.

“Let’s see, E, we’ll call that one Everywhere. N, we’ll call that one Nowhere. And the last one D, we’ll call that Down Here. So, LupEND is actually a triple CD,” he continued.

There’s no word as to when the album is expected to drop.

However, he told MTV recently that’s he’s currently working on albums from Matthew Santos and Sarah Green, both artists from his label.