Josh X-An-TusTurning down a major label deal was an easy decision for me. As most of us know, when you sign your name to the dotted line of a major label contract, you are bound to the methods of the machine. Record labels have the ability to turn you into the vision they see for you. It has always been my intention for my fans to see me for who I am. Creative control is one of the most important things you can have as an artist. Who wants to fit into the cookie cutter mold of what is hot at the moment?! As an artist, you’re the one who will putting yourself out there through performance and media’s thoughts of you as someone in the public eye. Singing or rhyming what you feel is the dopest feeling.

In my situation, I am fortunate to have an entire label built around me with a team that is confident in my talent and abilities. Who wouldn’t want such a support system? I don’t have to worry about my album being shelved because I’m not performing what is hot for the month. I have my own team when it comes to radio, press, online marketing, and creativity — everyone works together to make sure my project works in a way that is right for me. We all think outside of the box for opportunities that enhance my longevity as an artist and make sure I show my fans the true me, and really connect with those that enjoy my music.

I am in no way knocking the major label system because it has definitely brought years of talented artists our way. But in 2008, times are changing and with technological advancements, artists now have the opportunity to take control of your own career. Whether you’re a young cat with a vocoder, or triton or if you’re performing on YouTube, just for the love of performance, the opportunities are here now to take control of your music and be the artist that you want to be. No one is going to work as hard for you as you will for yourself. It is a blessing to have your career in your own hands. And — despite common misconceptions of indie’s not being able to support you the way a major label system does — I am a great example of having an indie team that supplies me with the best of everything and takes no short cuts when it comes to breaking an artist the right way.

It’s a movement — so sit back and watch it move. In the words of my man Jadakiss “World get ready for Josh, M-U-S-A, D-Block haha” – Josh X-an-tus, “Let’s Ride”