Jonathan Davis - KornJonathan Davis, better known as the lead singer for Korn, recently leaked a cover of Lil Wayne’s single “Got Money” to the internet to lots of positive feedback. Why? Because he’s a huge fan of hip-hop, and especially of Weezy.

“I got into Wayne during the Cash Money days, in the beginning. I remember we went up against him when we put a Korn record out, and I just wanted to know what all that was about. So, I really got into all that New Orleans dirty south style music, and I’ve been a fan ever since,” Davis explained to “This latest album is amazing, so he deserves everything he gets from this Carter III album. I think it’s amazing. I love it.”

Davis, who as a member of Korn collaborated with the likes of Ice Cube, says his version of Weezy’s second single “Got Money,” featuring T-Pain, was the result of a studio session for his upcoming solo album. He and his crew were listening to the original from Lil Wayne, and he loved the track so much, he figured he’d try to create his own version, just for fun. When it was finished, everyone in the studio loved it, so he leaked it.

“I heard the song, and me and my manager were listening to it and he said ‘I think you could sing that.’ I said ‘You think so?’ He said ‘Yea,’ so I said ‘alright,'” Davis explained about the unique version of the track. “I basically went in and gave it try to see what would happen if I did it in a different style, make it my own. It came out, banging.”

Davis even went the extra step after his first try at the track, enlisting one of T-Pain’s engineers who helped him perfect the auto-tune effect to keep that element of the song intact. He also called in a favor from his friend Jim Root from the rock band Slipknot to play on it, and the rest is history.

So far, he says people love his version, even both T-Pain and Lil Wayne himself. “I know T-Pain loved it, he put it on his site. I know Lil Wayne loved it, so I’ve heard,” said Davis.

Is a collaboration with the rocker and Lil Wayne coming? When asked he said there wasn’t anything immediately planned, but if Lil Wayne came a knocking, Davis explained that he’d be excited at the opportunity to work with the superstar rapper anytime.

“I’d say ‘Hell yes,’ ” Jonathon responded when asked about a possible collaboration with the New Orleans rapper. “I love his sh** ’cause he’s dark man. I dunno, I just like it. It’s like no other.”

While he’s received a lot of positive feedback from the hip-hop experiment, Davis says that people shouldn’t hold their breaths if they’re expecting him to create a straight hip-hop album. “It’s definitely part of what makes me do what I do. I’ma fan of it, but I’ve never tried to rip it off. I use subtle influences here and there, but I never wanted to make a straight hip-hop record, because I’m just a big fan of it,” he explained.

However, the rocker did leave the door open to more cover, saying that more may be in the future … just for fun, though. But, not on his still-untitled solo record expected sometime early next year.

He describes his solo album as “heavy Peter Gabriel style” and “real, dark and heavy, and groovy, world style music.” Hip-hop? No, he says.

“It’s not gonna be any direct hip-hop, but I think people that enjoy hip-hop would enjoy my record,” he said.

To download the Davis’ “Got Money” cover, visit his official website at